An innovative and tasty smoothie franchise

Posted Apr 14th, 2017

Meet Pennsylvania’s Newest Planet Smoothie Franchise Owner

This longtime food-service entrepreneur saw a thriving Planet Smoothie franchise in action, and that’s all it took for her to want one of her own.

Posted Apr 5th, 2017

Planet Smoothie Franchises Are Great For First-Time Business Owners

The dynamite combo of low entry costs and easy-to-learn systems make a Planet Smoothie franchise the perfect first business for any entrepreneur.

Posted Apr 5th, 2017

Planet Smoothie Is an On-Trend, Not Trendy, Franchise Opportunity

Thanks to the enduring popularity of smoothies, owning a Planet Smoothie franchise means capitalizing on a continuing trend, not a passing fad.

Posted Mar 29th, 2017

Planet Smoothie Franchises Are Easy To Own & Operate

A simple, uncomplicated business model means that a Planet Smoothie franchise is not only a great business, but also one that’s easy to learn.

Posted Mar 22nd, 2017

Evolving Planet Smoothie Menu Board Reflects Strong Owner Input

Change isn’t just good for a Planet Smoothie franchise; it’s vital. That’s why owners know their menu input is welcomed and continually acted upon.

Posted Mar 20th, 2017

Planet Smoothie Franchise Operators Capitalize On Always-Strong Market

Because smoothies are great as snacks and meal replacements, and are enjoyed year round, Planet Smoothie operators don’t deal with downtime Business owners don’t enjoy downtime, because even though they can take care of operational issues when things are slow, there’s no revenue coming in.

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