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3 Reasons Planet Smoothie Can Be the Best Smoothie Franchise to Start in 2021

The global smoothie market is expected to see massive growth and demand in the years to come

According to market research, the global smoothie market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 9 percent by 2022. Planet Smoothie can be the best smoothie franchise to meet the growing demand of the smoothie market.

best smoothie franchise two smoothies in hand

Much of the growth is due to consumers seeking healthier food and beverage alternatives, with fruit-based smoothies accounting for the largest segment of the global smoothie market. Known for using real fruit and whole foods, Planet Smoothie provides guests with a nutritious and tasty product that can be customized to their flavor profile and wellness goals. Many consumers are opting out of the usual, boring options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and are instead turning to Planet Smoothie as a convenient way to consume fruit, vegetables, and superfoods.

Our marketing resources help to identify a comprehensive strategy for attracting customers and encouraging repeat visits. We will help you how to analyze your competitors, identify potential community partnerships, and scout pools of likely customers. As the demand for our product increases, Planet Smoothie franchises are taking advantage of the huge growth opportunity.

Dedication to community and customer satisfaction strengthen Planet Smoothie’s franchisees’ relationships and can increase business

Many financial giants will say that becoming wealthy starts in your mind – not in your wallet. To get rich, you have to believe in something more than dollar signs. And while Planet Smoothie franchise owners are focused on profitability, they’re also focused on giving back.

We encourage entrepreneurs to have a philanthropic mindset that strengthens their communities.

As the owner of your business, you have the power to enhance the personal development of your team and strengthen your community. Planet Smoothie is a place where customers feel welcome and comfortable. As our communities continue to come together, now can be the time to consider investing in our affordable franchise opportunity.

“Planet Smoothie franchise owners love interacting with their customers, and that’s not limited to the exchanges within the four walls of their facility. They greatly enjoy getting out into the community and lending support – and those engagements build a lot of goodwill for the brand,” explains John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “Our franchise owners are growing the next generation of business leaders in the community they create and enhance.”

Our team of committed industry experts maintain a simple-to-operate and easy-to-scale business for entrepreneurs

Planet Smoothie has the potential to thrive in today’s competitive economy. The secret to our brand is centered on two things – a well-ran model with ongoing support and training, and well-founded business practices established by more than two decades of evolving strategies.

Our franchisees have access to comprehensive support from the very beginning. We help with everything from real estate, marketing, brand recognition, product development, professional development, and more.

“The key thing about franchising is the people who get up every day and work to accomplish their dreams of business ownership through franchising,” says Jason Mann, one of Planet Smoothie’s most successful franchise owners. “At the core of great brands are the people, who build and create the culture. Planet Smoothie has had a consistent thread over the last 25 years of creating great energy inside their stores. I think when you combine all that we offer, it proves we can continue to dominate the smoothie market.”

Are you ready to enhance your community with a Planet Smoothie franchise?

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