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Raise Your Hand to Guess How Many Strawberries the Planet Smoothie Franchise used in 2013

Planet Smoothie franchises used enough strawberries in 2013 to outweigh the Statue of Liberty — by a lops-infographic-10-V2

The Planet Smoothie franchise has more than 100 locations nationwide, and several of our most popular menu items use strawberries as part of the recipe. It’s no surprise that we use a lot of strawberries in the course of a year.

The true total, however, is pretty staggering. Planet Smoothie franchisees served 650 tons of strawberries in 2013 — about three times the weight of the Statue of Liberty!

We were able to calculate the total thanks to our tight vendor relationships. Planet Smoothie HQ works with vendors to negotiate volume pricing for franchisees, lowering product costs for franchisees so they are able to offer a great product at a fair price while also enjoying a strong profit margin. When you can hit the right price points, you’re bound to do healthy business and sell a lot of smoothies.

How many tons of strawberries will franchisees use in 2014? We don’t have the total quite yet, but we do know that each ton of strawberries represents several thousand happy customers!

Planet Smoothie’s menu features more than 40 items — all of which are quick and simple to prepare. To learn more, visit

Planet Smoothie’s menu features more than 40 items — all of which are quick and simple to prepare. To learn more, visit

Excellent menu items and service drive repeat business

Planet Smoothie’s tagline is “the best-tasting smoothies on the planet,” and we work hard to develop recipes that live up to that statement. We also always are looking for ways to make our smoothies healthier and more nutritious than what customers find elsewhere. While most smoothie franchises use sugar to sweeten their items, we use a proprietary blend of stevia and agave nectar. While others pour in chocolate syrup for some items, we favor cocoa powder. The result: Our smoothies not only taste great, they also are, on average, lower-calorie by design.

Customers appreciate the fact that Planet Smoothie is devoted to delivering great nutrition, as well as great taste. They also like the energetic vibe and friendly service they receive from Planet Smoothie owners and employees.

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