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Planet Smoothie Same Store Sales Up 15% in 1st Quarter

First Quarter reflects tremendous growth for Planet Smoothie franchise locations around the country

Planet Smoothie franchise

Americans are hungry for healthy dining options. Planet Smoothie franchise locations make healthy food that is convenient and delicious.

We are excited to announce that during the first financial quarter of 2015, Planet Smoothie franchise locations experienced a 15% increase in same-store sales over the numbers reported the previous year.

This outstanding growth is attributable to our growing base of loyal customers, 42% of whom stop into one of our Planet Smoothie franchise locations at least once a week. Our lively in-store environments, coupled with our use of the best and healthiest ingredients and a menu designed to create a perfect smoothie, will keep customers flocking to us for years to come.

“We believe that a number of factors are favorably influencing the tremendous growth that we are seeing at Planet Smoothie,” says Donna Smith, Vice President of Marketing for Planet Smoothie. “On a macro level, the strong sales can be attributed in part to lower gas prices that have resulted in higher disposable income, as well as to a shift toward healthier eating among consumers nationwide. On the micro level, though, these sales are a reflection of our customers ‘voting with their feet’ and affirming their appreciation for our strong Guest Experience program, successful launches of a number of new products, and to the fact that day in and day out the Planet Smoothie franchise stores are serving ‘the best-tasting smoothies on the planet.’”

The great news is that our corporate team, based in the Music City of Nashville, Tennessee, expects the next quarter to hum a similarly upbeat tune with the success of our smoothie campaign “What’s Your Passion?”, which uses tropical ingredients to help our customers with skin care, boost their immune systems and get energy the healthy way, so that they can go, go, go!

“Early indications are that sales will continue to improve with our newly-released ‘What’s Your Passion?’ promotion, as customers are enjoying the new antioxidant focus on passion fruit, mangoes and chia seeds,” Donna says.

Planet Smoothie franchise

The truth is we’ve been growing for years. Our first store opened in Atlanta in 1995, and we quickly became a dominant smoothie brand in the Southeast. We now have more than 100 Planet Smoothie franchise locations around the country, and in a market as dynamic as the $2.4-billion-dollar-a-year smoothie industry, we expect to grow for years to come.

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek healthier options. We are led by a team of veteran franchise executives who have helped build other iconic brands, including Mail Boxes Etc., and we leverage more than 100 years of combined franchising experience to provide outstanding support to franchisees.

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