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How Much Can I Make?

How to evaluate the Planet Smoothie franchise opportunity

How much do Planet Smoothie franchise owners make? That can vary a lot depending on the business skills and drive of the franchisee, the local economy and the quality and makeup of a particular shopping center or mall. We do not provide revenue projections in our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document); however, our process will enable you to get the information you need to understand the economics of our franchise. As you go through the process of learning more about the concept, you’ll have a chance to speak with current Planet Smoothie store operators and learn from their experiences with the business.

There’s a reason Planet Smoothie is one of the strongest brands in our business segment — smoothies are a great product with solid profit margins.

To get a list of Planet Smoothie franchisees, fill out the form at right to get in touch with us. We’re happy to put you in touch with them so they can tell you what they love about Planet Smoothie! They are also free to share details of their investment. Here’s some of what we expect you to hear:

Planet Smoothie franchise: we enjoy a large customer base

Smoothie franchise opportunities abound with the amazing healthy options of Planet Smoothie

Your first customers will probably be neighbors eager to try out the new smoothie shop nearby, and you can expect to quickly build upon that initial audience. While our core customers are women in their teens through mid-40s, we serve a surprisingly diverse range of the population. Smoothies have also become popular over the past 20 years, and demographics are working in our favor. With each new generation, the pool of smoothie customers is growing.

Planet Smoothie has a powerful supply chain and strong marketing

With new management and investment from Kahala Brands, we have been able to leverage the brands’ combined strength to lower supply costs for franchisees and to improve the supply chain. That enables our franchisees to take advantage of frequent seasonal product promotions that are designed to draw in more customers and test out new menu items. Supply chain improvements have also increased margins and the ease of doing business for Planet Smoothie franchise owners, and the clockwork nature of our promotions has helped drive customer traffic.

Smoothie franchise opportunities: smoothies have strong margins

While most restaurant concepts have thin profit margins, smoothie franchises are able to generate revenue without a lot of the costs associated with running a full kitchen. Smoothie franchises can be operated with minimal staffing, don’t require ovens and don’t require you to stock an extensive array of food that may spoil before it is ever ordered. Planet Smoothie franchises have virtually no spoilage costs because most of our fruits are flash-frozen and kept in freezers until they are needed.

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