An innovative and tasty smoothie franchise

Planet Smoothie Franchise

The best-tasting smoothie on the planet

For over two decades, Planet Smoothie has been one of the most innovative smoothie franchises in the U.S. We got our start in Atlanta in 1995, quickly expanded throughout the Southeast and now have more than 125 stores throughout the United States.

Two planet smoothie employees smiling

We are known for our healthy smoothies, whole food and real fruit add-ins, Planet Pro® protein and blast supplements — and that has helped our brand develop a huge following. Healthy-minded consumers flock to Planet Smoothie and often make us part of their daily routine. That’s because we’re as convenient as we are healthy. It only takes a couple of minutes to stop by a Planet Smoothie, place an order and be on your way. Just look at our location in New York City’s Penn Station, where blenders are buzzing constantly to keep up with commuters eager to grab a healthy meal replacement or snack.

In 2015, Kahala Brands acquired Planet Smoothie, and our leadership team — which consists of franchise executives who have successfully launched more than 3,000 franchise stores for brands including Cold Stone Creamery, Pinkberry, and Blimpie — had an immediate positive impact on the brand.

A smiling planet smoothie employee extends a fresh strawberry smoothie to the camera“Since Kahala Brands took over, we now have the best marketing materials and support,” says Shannon Lelli, who owns a store in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. “If I ask for anything, they are on it. For teacher appreciation week, I wanted to send out a postcard that said ‘Because you do what you do, here’s a free smoothie for you.’ I called corporate with the idea, and they created an amazing design that was ready for the printer. And it was a huge success. The corporate office is on it. They are amazing.”

If franchisees are excited to be working with us, we’re even more excited to be working with them. Our brand is growing in shopping center locations, in kiosks and in dual-branded locations with complementary restaurant concepts.

Here’s why entrepreneurs have been snapping up the rights to open Planet Smoothie franchises.

Smoothie franchise: a lower-investment food franchise

Planet Smoothie is far more affordable than most food-related franchises, with lower startup costs, lower operation costs, less spoilage and simpler staffing. Many food concepts can cost $1 million or more to open and can require dozens of employees, but the startup costs for a Planet Smoothie franchise range from $77,650 to $327,550, depending on whether you open an alternative, kiosk-style location, or a traditional shopping center location.

Smoothies are simple to prepare — it’s all blending, no cooking — so training new employees is a breeze. That makes it much easier to scale your business as it grows. The simplicity of the business model also makes it easier to manage. That helps you as you master your new smoothie franchise, and when you are ready to expand to a second, third or ninth location, that simplicity will make it easier for you to hire general managers.

Planet Smoothie employees smiling in front of their franchise

“It’s just smoothies, and we do it well,” says Craig Accardo, who operates a Planet Smoothie location that shares space with his other food franchise in Seminole Towne Center in Sanford, Florida. He said the ease of the concept is what attracted him to Planet Smoothie. As appropriate mall locations become available, he hopes to add Planet Smoothie to his other business locations near Orlando. “The business model is successful. It’s a very good product that sells itself.”

Smoothies: A booming market segment

The smoothie industry has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. According to, frozen fruit sales in the United States surpassed a billion dollars, shattering all previous records.  Sales have more than doubled since 2011.

A fresh watermelon smoothie! Our core customers are healthy-minded people, women and men alike, who like the fact that our smoothies use real fruit and taste great. However, customers come from all walks of life. Office workers drop in for a quick breakfast in the morning and for a convenient meal replacement at lunch. Fitness buffs stop by after workouts, often to refuel their muscles with a protein-rich smoothie. Moms visit with their children to provide them a healthier treat and prove that fruits and leafy greens can taste awesome. Teenagers flock to the stores after school, nurses stop in after a long shift, and dieters keep on track and find encouragement from our staff. Since everything is made to order, we can also easily tailor smoothies to people with different dietary needs — whether they are looking for the perfect fruit combination, need to avoid gluten, are vegan, want more fiber in their diet or have other requests. Here’s just one example of how we set ourselves apart by serving our customers: When vegan customers told us that they’d like to add protein to their smoothies, but didn’t want whey protein since it is derived from dairy, we found a way to create a 100% plant-based protein supplement to meet their needs. That’s the kind of commitment that fosters customer loyalty, and it’s an example of the type of corporate R&D that benefits franchisees.

Who makes a great Planet Smoothie franchisee?

A Planet Smoothie franchisee should have an outgoing personality and a desire to provide customers a healthier option. You should also enjoy going out into the community to meet new people and let them know about your store. Building partnerships in the community is key to growing revenue for your store. We provide a detailed game plan to help you build brand awareness, and executing the game plan can be half the fun of owning a store: You get to be the person who makes the community a little bit better and a little bit healthier, and communities love that!

To open a store, you need at least $100,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $250,000. We can help you understand your financing options. To learn a whole lot more about us, fill out our form below.

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