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What Is A Planet Smoothie Franchise?

Easy-to-operate business meets consumer demand for a beloved product

When Planet Smoothie franchise opened its first store in Atlanta more than 20 years ago, smoothies were just a starting trend. Now they are a regular part of everyday life, serving as breakfast, meal replacement, after-school snacks, post-workout recovery and more.

Smoothies work because they are convenient and can fit into any lifestyle. That’s why the smoothie industry has grown dramatically since Planet Smoothie got its start, and why there are countless locations nationwide.

Planet Smoothie is known for using real fruit and better-for-you ingredients to provide our guests with a delicious smoothie. Consumers demand ingredient transparency and healthy alternatives. Whether it’s in smoothies or our line of add-ins and Blasts to provide added vitamins and protein, Planet Smoothie delivers.

“The product is exceptional,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “Our tagline is ‘The best tasting smoothie on the Planet!® and it’s true. We use real fruit and our own zero-calorie, stevia-based sweetener. We also have ‘Blasts’ we can add to your smoothie to help provide even more nutrition, boost energy or help recuperate from exercise. Our menu is extremely flexible to meet the unique preferences of each guest. With different retail formats and single- and multi-unit franchise programs, our business concept is flexible, too.”

That ability to meet consumers where they are and with a business model that’s affordable and easy to operate is why Planet Smoothie owners have had success in shopping centers, mall food courts, convenience stores, and even kiosks. It’s also why there are a growing number of multi-unit franchise owners.

infographic on how large the smoothie market is - Planet Smoothie Franchise opportunity

Mindful eating is no longer just a trend

Americans are more in tune with what they eat than ever before. In order to combat an obesity rate that has more than doubled since 1980, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they are reading nutritional labels more closely and cutting back on their calorie intake. They want to know what is in their food, and they are turning away from highly processed items, as well as those with lots of added sugar.

Planet Smoothie franchise meets them with delicious products that they can customize as much as they want. Planet Smoothie also taps into today’s lifestyle by being highly convenient. Our freshly blended smoothies are usually ready just a couple of minutes after they are ordered, which makes it easy for a customer to stop in, grab one and continue on with their busy day.

planet smoothie franchise owners

Diverse menu drives interest and creates choices

Planet Smoothie also knows that a customer is potentially making their purchase around functional preferences: weight loss, muscle building, whole-meal replacement or vitamin supplement. That’s why we have lifestyle categories, a six-part menu to help guests narrow their choices and find the perfect smoothie for them:

  • Planet Favorites

  • Bowls

  • Superfood

  • Energy

  • Protein

  • Meal Replacement

  • Planet Kids

Planet Smoothie is the perfect entry-level or add-on business

Planet Smoothie is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur who has never owned a business before. It’s also a solid bet for a seasoned veteran who is looking to add an affordable, easy-to-operate food brand to their portfolio. Here’s why:

Low overhead. Planet Smoothie costs a lot less to start compared with other restaurant concepts
Simple operation. If you can run a blender, you’ve mastered the most complicated of the equipment.
A fun business. Planet Smoothie is a bright, energetic workplace, meaning employee recruitment and retention can be much easier than in other food brands.
Steady client base. People want smoothies at all times, so Planet Smoothie gets business during all five dayparts. What’s more, Planet Smoothie’s customers are loyal, repeat visitors who are actively engaged in a customer-loyalty program.
Strong operational support. Kahala Brands has decades’ worth of experience helping entrepreneurs build and grow strong, long-lasting franchise businesses.
owning a planet smoothie franchise

Bring a Planet Smoothie franchise to your community today

Planet Smoothie is a simple, easy-to-operate business that doesn’t require any prior food experience. The smoothie market is strong and growing, and Planet Smoothie stands out with a menu built around real fruit and healthier ingredients. Planet Smoothie has been around for more than 20 years because we do one thing really well: we make delicious smoothies. Capture a piece of the strong and growing smoothie industry with a Planet Smoothie franchise.

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