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Meet Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners

Hear from the people who are realizing their entrepreneurial dreams through becoming a Planet Smoothie franchise owner

Deciding to start a small business is a big step, and one that deserves careful consideration. Planet Smoothie franchise is a great way for a first-time business owner to take the plunge, as well as for seasoned entrepreneurs to add a thriving new enterprise to their portfolios. Here’s what a few happy Planet Smoothie owners had to say about their decision:

Sarah and Tala Alani

I’m always telling my friends that as soon as they get the chance to start their first franchise, Planet Smoothie has been awesome. We’ve never been in food before, but it’s been a smooth ride so far, and corporate has backed us on everything we needed.

Ryan DeWitt of Clermont, FL

I’m a pilot. I was looking for a business to get into for a second income, and I wanted something healthy. I looked at gyms and things like that, but they are not the easiest to get into when you’re in your 20s, as I am. Planet Smoothie was more financially feasible.
It’s definitely been a great opportunity, and it’s definitely rewarding. I have a second location now, and looking back, I am very happy with my decision.

Tyrone and Lydia Forbes of Eustis, FL

I loved how Planet Smoothie treated me as a customer, and so I decided to look at their business model. It’s simple, and they hold the same beliefs that I have when it comes to good customer service and making the best product. The corporate team is very attentive to our needs, and we are very happy.

Colin MacGuire of Winter Garden, FL

I played sports my whole life, so I have always been into the health scene. Planet Smoothie appealed that way, and also through the simplicity of the business. Smoothies are sometimes thought of as trendy, but they’re not; they’ve been going for a long time. The market keeps expanding, and now there are generations of smoothie drinkers, and that’s great for us.

Jason Mann of Orlando, FL

I have been an owner/operator for the last 20 years, and am also the Area Developer for the state of Florida and South Georgia. My father got me into this; he visited a Planet Smoothie and saw it being run by young people, and also saw a lot of straw wrappers in the trash can! It’s been truly exciting watching the brand grow and having the opportunity to help people start a business and develop their dreams.

Karen Hendrix of Suwanee, Georgia

It’s a really, really positive environment. When you are serving smoothies, your customers are coming in for a treat that is healthier, and they are in a good mood. You get to know your customers, and you just feel like you are making people’s lives a little bit better. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you are around smiling people and you’re helping them do good for themselves!

Jonathan Goodyear of Orlando, FL

I serve on the franchise advisory board in addition to being an owner, so I really get to represent what myself and the other owners are looking for when it comes to marketing, offers and things like that. Our corporate team really wants to listen to franchise owners, and I think that’s important. It was always my dream to own a business, and I certainly knew Planet Smoothie. It would have been daunting for me to get into something where you are cooking and managing a large staff. This is a simple business, it’s easy to get started and get your arms around, and it’s easy to expand out into multiple units if that’s where you want to go.

Natalie Rivera of Orlando, FL

When my parents and I were looking at a business to own and operate together, we looked at many concepts. [Area Developer] Jason Mann got back to us very quickly and got us engaged right away. We loved that it was a simple, easy business to understand and operate. The training was very strong and easy, and we were ready to go right away. I love the business because it allows for close, personal interactions with our guests.

Luis Rivera of Orlando, FL

I have wanted to do something besides work in the corporate world all my life. I wanted to invest in a business I could own and run with my daughter. Planet Smoothie was just the concept. The product is great, people love it and the brand still has a lot of potential. [Area Developer] Jason Mann, his team and the corporate team have held our hands through the whole process and have always had time for our calls and questions. I am a people person, I like to be engaged in the community, so Planet Smoothie has been a great choice for me as a business.

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Planet Smoothie is a simple, easy-to-operate business that doesn’t require any prior food experience. The smoothie market is strong and growing, and Planet Smoothie stands out with a menu built around real fruit and other healthy ingredients. Planet Smoothie has been around for more than 20 years because we do one thing really well: we make delicious smoothies. Capture a piece of the strong and growing smoothie industry with a Planet Smoothie franchise.

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