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Planet Smoothie Customers Love The Brand

Loyal customers means frequent visits and strong sales for Planet Smoothie franchise owners

Smoothies are extremely popular, so everybody wants a piece of the action. That means even giant fast-food chains have them on the menu, but Planet Smoothie franchise owners have a major advantage — we are hardcore smoothie experts because that’s our sole focus and passion.

Planet Smoothie customers know that. It’s why they come to their local store for a delicious treat or meal replacement that’s not laden with added sugar, additives or imitation flavorings.

Who is the Planet Smoothie customer?

Many kinds of people flock to Planet Smoothie. Here is some information that’s been collected by our loyalty program so you can dive a little deeper:

  • 42% stop into their local store at least once a week
  • About 90% of Planet Smoothie customers exercise at least once a week
  • A large percentage of Planet Smoothie guests are 18- to 49-year-olds

Of course, we also attract customers on both ends of that spectrum — active Baby Boomers and teenagers on the go. The exact mix of customers can have a lot to do with the location of a Planet Smoothie. When a store is near a high school or college, it will fill up after school with students. When a store is very close to a gym, you’re going to see more of the gym crowd.

Some of the best Planet Smoothie customers are millennials, individuals born between 1980 and 2000. This cohort grew up in the 1990s when smoothies began to go mainstream. They represent an entire sector of the population who think of smoothies as a normal, everyday choice. Many millennials snack five times a day rather than eating three square meals. Armed with their smartphones and laptops, they are just as comfortable in a smoothie shop as a coffeehouse.

why people are willing to pay more for healthy food. planet smoothie franchises offers a unique and profitable menu

A diverse pool of professionals also show up every day at Planet Smoothie — store managers, medical workers, police officers, school teachers, personal trainers, computer programmers, entrepreneurs and more. These folks are on the go and have little time to waste. And when they’re in a hurry, they would much rather pop into a Planet Smoothie than rush through a drive-through window or grab an empty-calorie soda at a convenience store.

Planet Smoothie’s products and wraparound customer experience leave guests smiling

Here’s what some of them have to say:

The smoothies are always made to perfection; I am very particular about my smoothie. The music played is always so enjoyable. A fun group of girls.
— Nathalia T., Orlando, FL

I love this place! The folks who make the smoothies are so fun to chat with and I think they are used to me coming all the time. They have $5 medium Friday’s and be very careful with the sizes — the medium is more like an extra-large; I’m not complaining. The smoothies are good for meal replacements as well.
— Deshika B., West Sacramento, CA

My mom and I visited this location a few days ago. We were super indecisive, but Malik was so awesome! He was patient with us and super friendly!
— Chloe U., Orlando, FL

This place is consistent in the service and quality. I love Planet Smoothie and this location does not disappoint. The staff greets you when you come in, happy to answer any questions, and fast with the service. They have a loyalty program where you can enter your phone number to log your visits and earn free smoothies. They also text you other discounts at various times, so be sure to take advantage of that.
— Aimee B., Ocoee, FL

Super nice staff! They gave me the extra smoothie that didn’t fit in my order and put it in another cup. Gave them an extra star for this 🙂
— Victor H., Queens, NY

Absolutely perfect spot to grab a smoothie post workout! No line and an entirely detailed and large menu to choose from. The employee was friendly and helped me order the smoothie I was looking for. I literally could not put the smoothie down! I probably finished it in like 10 minutes.
— Megan R., Boston, MA

Gain your own Planet Smoothie franchise customers today

Planet Smoothie is a simple, easy-to-operate business that doesn’t require any prior food experience. The smoothie market is strong and growing, and Planet Smoothie stands out with a menu built around real fruit and other healthy ingredients. Planet Smoothie has been around for more than 20 years because we do one thing really well: we make delicious smoothies. Capture a piece of the strong and growing smoothie industry with a Planet Smoothie franchise.

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