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Common questions about owning a Planet Smoothie business

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How much does it cost to open a Planet Smoothie business?

The initial investment for our different franchise models are as follows:

• Planet Smoothie full service franchise: $122,150 – $327,550

• Non-Traditional (Kiosk/Express) Franchise: $77,650 – $267,000

This includes the franchise fee and a provision for some working capital. We require a minimum liquidity of $100,000 cash and a net worth of at least $250,000.

Are there franchise opportunities to own more than one store?

We offer single-unit franchises and multi-unit franchises. The multi-unit opportunity enables entrepreneurs to own and operate two or more stores in a particular territory.

Can I become an area developer?

Yes, Planet Smoothie offers area developer agreements to more-experienced entrepreneurs. Area developers work with us in developing the franchise network across a larger region.

Does Planet Smoothie offer franchises internationally?

We award master franchises in select international markets to qualified entrepreneurs or companies with significant resources and business experience in their countries.

What is your franchise fee?

The franchise fee for a traditional location in the U.S. is $25,000 for your first location, $20,000 for your second, or $15,000 for your third or additional store. The franchise fee for an individual, nontraditional franchise store in the U.S. is $20,000.

What are the royalties and marketing fees?

For U.S. franchises, royalties are 5% of gross sales, and the national marketing fund contribution is 2% of gross sales. Outside the U.S., marketing funds for specific countries or regions will be managed by local master franchisees.

Do you help with financing?

We do not provide financing directly to franchisees, but we’d be happy to introduce you to our network of lenders who specialize in franchising and small business finance.

How do I find the right smoothie business location?

We’ll introduce you to real estate professionals who understand our site criteria. These professionals work with us to take you from site selection to the signing of your lease.

What is the average size of a Planet Smoothie business?

We suggest between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet, with a target of between 1,000 and 1,200 square feet. Kiosks and Express models can be as small as 200 square feet and will require additional storage space.

What sites are available?

We have prime territories available across the U.S. and in selected international markets.

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What does my training include?

Our training program consists of one week of classroom and in-store learning at a Planet Smoothie training store in Scottsdale, Arizona, and seven to 10 days of new-store training during the opening of your store. An additional week of specialized training is provided for area developers and master franchisees to address other aspects of these business models. After you have opened your store, you’ll be invited to participate in live and online training programs designed to continually sharpen your skills and help you improve your business.

What support will I receive besides training?

The franchise support team, experienced in franchising and food service, will visit you on-site and is also available by phone and email. We provide continual support through business consulting, marketing and product development, beginning with a grand opening initiativethat’s tailored your store. Additionally, we leverage national marketing programs and provide guidance on local store marketing to help you promote your store and attract customers.

How much money can I make?

We do not provide revenue projections in our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document); however, our process will enable you to get the information you need to understand the economics of our franchise. As you go through the process of learning more about the concept, you’ll have a chance to speak with current Planet Smoothie store operators and learn from their experiences with the business.

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