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What Is a Planet Smoothie Franchise Location Like?

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What makes a good location for a Planet Smoothie franchise? Since we offer multiple store types, we work well in a variety of locations. For traditional Planet Smoothie stores and co-branded stores, we look for retail corridors with concentrations of middle- to high-income consumers with proximity to “anchor” retailers, business districts, schools and exercise facilities.

Planet Smoothie has an energetic store design that attracts customers. The branding begins with a large, eye-catching tornado at the glass-framed entrance. As customers walk into the store, they are immediately greeted by a smiling employee who can help them navigate the menu. (Although if you’re a regular customer, they’ll already know your order and may start creating it as soon as they see you headed toward the door!)

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One of the first things customers see after they are greeted is our blenders. They are front and center, which allows customers to watch as their smoothie is created. Customers never have to wonder what goes into their smoothies — they see the preparation as it happens, step by step.

A brand wall lists the different ingredients and nutritional qualities that make Planet Smoothie special, and several tables provide a space for customers to have fun while they enjoy their smoothies. They can also log on to free WiFi if it is available at your location. While many customers are in and out in minutes, we provide a welcoming place for people to hang out, too.

We have a digital menuboard, which makes it easy to adjust prices and display new promotional items, and the menu is broken down into lifestyle categories such as “Planet Favorites, Planet Lite™, Superfoods, Energy, Protein and Protein Your Way,” which helps customers understand the nutritional and functional benefits of our 30+ menu items.

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As you continue down the L-shaped counter, you might come to the Tasti D-Lite section of the store. Tasti D-Lite, which is a brand of soft-serve frozen desserts, can be opened with Planet Smoothie as part of a co-branded location without any extra franchise fees. With Tasti as a part of the offering we attract extra customers who are looking for something beyond a smoothie, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.

In the back room, you’ll find a commercial icemaker for the smoothies, as well as freezers to hold produce.

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The entire operation flows seamlessly and is designed to allow employees to quickly take and fulfill orders, and to allow customers who are on the go to place their orders, pay and walk out in just minutes.

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