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Planet Smoothie Franchise Has Prime Locations Available in Miami

The smoothie franchise is expanding in South Florida. Ready to offer the best-tasting smoothies on the planet™?

Planet Smoothie Miami smoothie franchise owner Fernando Kohler

Fernando Kohler is the South Florida area developer for Planet Smoothie.

There are three Planet Smoothie franchises in the Miami area, but the demand for our product is strong. We’re gearing up for exponential growth, and we need some new partners.

Demand for healthier dining options has helped Planet Smoothie become a dominant brand in various markets throughout the country. That’s because Planet Smoothie focuses on creating the best-tasting smoothies on the planet, while also delivering high-quality nutrition. Our smoothies tend to have far fewer calories and less sugar than comparable items offered by other smoothie brands. As Americans become more health-conscious, those differences are driving more customers to our stores. Once they taste our smoothies, the flavors keep them coming back.

Why Miami is a great market for Planet Smoothie

Planet Smoothie has three locations in South Florida. We are a well-known, successful brand, but there is room for us to grow in this large economic area. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that South Florida had a gross domestic product of $263 billion in 2013.

There are millions of people in South Florida, and an increasing percentage of them are looking for convenient, healthier food options. We’ve already proven that we can deliver what they want — now we just need to make it convenient to more people.

Planet Smoothie is led by a team of veteran franchise executives who have helped build other iconic brands, including Mail Boxes Etc., and we leverage more than 100 years of combined franchising experience to provide outstanding support to franchisees. 

Meet Fernando Kohler

Fernando Kohler bought his first Planet Smoothie franchise in Miami in October 2014. Today, he serves as area developer for the region. Fernando also is a Subway franchisee who opened many franchises throughout Latin America.

He says that the Miami smoothie franchise industry is far less competitive than the cutthroat world of the sandwich industry.

“With Planet Smoothie, I didn’t see much competition since the entire city was open,” Fernando says. “You can pick a place and put a store in there as long as you have a location. Mainly, I really loved the product and there was opportunity for growth.”

Operating a Planet Smoothie isn’t much trouble, Fernando says.

“The model is very simple at Planet Smoothie,” he says. “You don’t need to cook or bake anything. You don’t need a lot of people to operate a store. I have a simple operation, and if I need to do it myself, I can.”

Fernando says there is large potential for store growth in the future.

“As an area developer, I want to make sure that I develop the territory strategically,” says Fernando. “There is a lot of potential here in the Miami area for the Planet Smoothie franchise.”

A fresh batch of strawberries

Who we’re looking for

Planet Smoothie is looking for passionate people who are interested in building a strong business that brings healthier options to the community. Startup costs for a traditional retail store range from $164,400 to $287,350; and nontraditional locations (mall kiosks or other small footprints) range from $89,600 to $222,243. We’re looking for people with a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital.

Most importantly, we’re looking for someone with a passion for building bonds in their community and introducing Planet Smoothie’s healthier products. 

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If you want to know more, please fill out the form on the right. We’d love to schedule a visit at one of the stores in Fernando’s Miami area. One taste, and you’ll understand why customers love Planet Smoothie. Planet smoothie franchise location reportsFernando can also talk to you more about the franchise investment opportunity. Here’s his contact information:

Fernando Kohler
South Florida Area Developer
Planet Smoothie