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Planet Smoothie Announces Aggressive Miami Expansion Plans

Healthy smoothie franchise targets prime locations in South Florida

Planet Smoothie Miami smoothie franchise

Fernando Kohler

Planet Smoothie is ready to aggressively expand our number of Miami smoothie franchises, taking advantage of the city’s location as “The Gateway to the Americas” — a bustling hub of activity. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that South Florida had a gross domestic product of $263 billion in 2013. That’s a big reason for us to become the Miami smoothie franchise of choice.

Diners’ demand for healthier options will help Planet Smoothie become a bigger player in South Florida. We focus on creating “the best-tasting smoothies on the planet,” while delivering, on average, better nutrition than our competitors. Our smoothies tend to have far fewer calories and less sugar than comparable items offered by other brands. As Americans become more health-conscious, those differences are driving more customers to our stores. Once they get inside and taste our smoothies, they’ll be back for more.

Planet Smoothie is led by a team of veteran franchise executives who have helped build other iconic brands, including Mail Boxes Etc., and we leverage more than 100 years of combined franchising experience to provide outstanding support to franchisees.

South Florida Area Developer Fernando Kohler got a foothold in the downtown Miami smoothie franchise industry when he built his first Planet Smoothie last October. He also oversees two other franchises already established in Doral and Davie. Kohler was a Subway manager who captured the Latin American market, and he currently also franchises with Subway.

“I love being an area developer and operating a store,” Fernando says. “I see an opportunity right now with Planet Smoothie, and that’s what is driving me in that area.  It’s hard to understand why anyone would not want to tap into this opportunity.”

Planet Smoothie franchiseHis location on Seventh Street will serve as a flagship for other Planet Smoothies in South Florida. Today there are three, and Kohler plans to add dozens more over the next several years. He is already working with franchisees in hopes of opening two locations this summer.

“With its being a new brand, I also thought it was a great way to start a business with a brand that once people know they love,” Fernando says. “Once people try it they fall in love because it is a quality product. That’s how I see it today operating the store. Every single person says, ‘Whoa, what a great product,’ because it really is.”

Planet Smoothie offers a business model flexibility that adjusts to the competitive real estate environment in Miami. Franchisees can choose a stand-alone store, a mall store or kiosk, a shopping center or in a building with another brand.

“We could co-brand easily,” says Fernando. “Some businesses go well together. Co-branding gives customers more options. Some folks come from other brands and have created small food courts in certain areas. It’s interesting how the volume of each location grows. Having choices brings people in more often, as well as groups of people.”

Fernando holds development rights from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys, but for now he is concentrating on developing Miami smoothie franchises within the populous city itself.

“The Miami area is priority,” Fernando says. “It’s probably where we could put a store in faster than West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. We can do those cities, but in Miami we have the highest concentration of people.”

“The two things I’m working on now are bringing new franchisees in and finding the right locations for them,” Fernando says.

Who we’re looking for

Planet Smoothie is looking for passionate people who are interested in building a strong business that brings healthier options to the community. Startup costs for a traditional retail store range from $166,400 to $290,750; and nontraditional locations (mall kiosks or other small footprints) range from $91,600 to $218,650. We’re looking for people with a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital.

Most importantly, we’re looking for someone with a passion for building bonds in their community and introducing Planet Smoothie’s healthier products.

Learn more about the Miami opportunity

If you’re curious, please fill out the form on the right. We’d love to schedule a visit at one of Fernando’s stores in the Miami area. Fernando can discuss more about this franchise investment opportunity. Here’s his contact information:

Fernando Kohler
South Florida Area Developer
Planet Smoothie

For in-depth details about the Planet Smoothie franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.