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3 Reasons To Become A Planet Smoothie Franchise Owner

1. Planet Smoothie Allows Flexibility in Your Business

How has Planet Smoothie been in business for almost 30 years? Apart from being a brand that offers customers a healthier and customizable product that’s in high demand, Planet Smoothie also has a highly flexible footprint that allows the business to operate from almost any retail space, big or small. Whether in a strip mall, a food court, or a college campus, Planet Smoothie’s small and easy-to-operate model enables the business to thrive in a variety of locations.

“Planet Smoothies can be found in food courts and outdoor malls, traditional sites where you’d expect to see this kind of business,” says Doug Merenda, Director of Franchise Development. “But because Planet Smoothie doesn’t require a full kitchen or lots of storage space, it can also be shrunk down or repositioned into much smaller venues where space is at a premium.”

With locations nationwide, Planet Smoothie has proven its flexibility as a business by doing just as well in smaller locations like malls and kiosks, as it does in stand-alone retail spaces, so franchisees can have some flexibility in choosing where they want their business to be.

“These smaller sites may not offer the full Planet Smoothie menu, yet they have plenty for customers to choose from,” Merenda explains. “They are a great option for an entrepreneur who already has a storefront business and wants to add value, or for a commercial business owner who would like to create an additional source of revenue on the property.”

2. A Strong Franchise in a Strong Industry

As a simple operation with low startup costs, a loyal customer base built over the course of almost 30 years in business, and strong operational support from the Planet Smoothie franchise management team, Planet Smoothie is an ideal opportunity for either a brand new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking to add an affordable and easy-to-operate franchise to their portfolio.

Investing in a Planet Smoothie is investing in a strong franchise in a strong and rapidly expanding industry. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, market research indicates consumers are making more mindful choices when it comes to their diets, which means avoiding artificial ingredients and embracing more fresh produce and whole foods. Businesses that can offer healthy options that also cater to busy lifestyles are, not surprisingly, poised for major growth. The smoothie market is valued at $8.2 million for 2023, and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.08%, reaching $13.2 million by 2027, according to industry research. It’s not hard to guess why: smoothies offer consumers a snack or meal alternative that’s not only healthy, but also fast, convenient and delicious.

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3. World Class Training and Support

Any new business owner – whether they come from an entirely different career background and are investing in their first franchise, or they’re a seasoned entrepreneur – will have questions. Fortunately, world class training and support from the franchise management team will take all the guesswork out of owning and operating a Planet Smoothie, so you can invest with confidence that you will be provided with the resources you need to bring this small business to your community.

As part of the Kahala Brands™ family, Planet Smoothie is led by an experienced franchise team and dedicated brand support team to ensure opening and operating a Planet Smoothie is a simple and easy process with low overhead costs and a high profit potential.

How Kahala Helps Our Franchisees

One of the secrets behind Planet Smoothie’s strength as a brand is its support from major franchise company Kahala Brands™. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Kahala Brands™ provides the support franchise owners need, so that they’re never on their own when it comes to launching and operating their new business.

The Kahala Brands™ team is there to help entrepreneurs realize their dream of running a small business. With backing from Kahala Brands™, investors in Planet Smoothie could count on ongoing training and professional development opportunities, support from the franchise development team to help grow the business, assistance with identifying the prime location for the business, marketing and creative services to build the brand and reach more customers, and other support services from an experienced team that knows the brand.

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