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Planet Smoothie Franchise Grows in Southern California

Smoothie franchise with roots in the Southeast is opening several locations; plans dozens

Planet-Smoothie West Coast Franchise Expo / Planet Smoothie Southern California

Kanna Sunkara, Ramu Sunkara and Laura Crane attend the West Coast Franchise Expo in Anaheim. The trio will soon open their first Planet Smoothie-Tasti D-Lite store in Santa Monica, and will also help other entrepreneurs get started in L.A. County.

Planet Smoothie opened its first location in Southern California last summer, and we plan to open dozens of locations in Los Angeles County.

Our smoothie franchise sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, natural ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek healthier options. We are led by a team of veteran franchise executives who have helped build other iconic brands, including Mail Boxes Etc., and we leverage more than 100 years of combined franchising experience to provide outstanding support to franchisees.

The good news for fans of healthier food options in the Los Angeles area is we are opening one store in Santa Monica, and the other already has opened in Northridge — and we are scouting locations in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Bel Air and Manhattan Beach for future expansion.

“The smoothie market is huge in L.A. People are very health-conscious, and the fact that Planet Smoothie is transparent with their ingredients and sweeteners was attractive,” says Laura Crane, a co-owner of the Santa Monica location who is helping other entrepreneurs launch stores in Los Angeles County.

Linda Read / Planet Smoothie Southern California

Linda Read

As Americans continue to seek healthier food options, the smoothie industry continues to grow. Smoothies have grown from a niche market in the 1990s to a $2.4 billion industry, according to research firm Mintel. Smoothies have become a mainstream choice for millions of consumers who want a delicious and guilt-free meal without the salt, sugar and artificial flavorings found in fast and processed food. As many consumers battle conditions like diabetes and heart disease, healthier food options such as smoothies will continue to be a favorite choice.

Our business model is designed to work as a standalone concept or as a co-brand with other businesses. For Linda Read, who owns 10 pretzel franchise locations in the Los Angeles area, adding Planet Smoothie franchises to her locations was a no-brainer:

“It’s a healthier product because it’s not loaded with sugar and is lower in calories. The add-ins give you 20 percent of your vegetable servings in the day, and it still tastes good. The protein in the smoothie is very appealing, as well as the açaí,” she says.

Linda’s experience with Planet Smoothie as a new franchise owner made her feel confident in the product, the business model and extremely happy for her customers because their needs are being met.

“Planet Smoothie has excellent on-site training,” Linda says. “They spend a lot of time talking about how to deliver the best-tasting smoothie in the planet, and I believe that it is. Our business is about educating customers. We emphasize sampling. Since we serve a fruit-based concept, we simply ask new customers what their favorite fruit is and start from there.”

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