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What Is The Best Smoothie Franchise?

Planet Smoothie is the Best Smoothie Franchise

When the Planet Smoothie brand was first conceived in the mid-1990s, smoothies weren’t the multi-billion dollar industry they are today. But the Planet Smoothie founders had a vision and saw that smoothies could be a part of everyday life, as a post-workout snack, nutritious treat, or a meal on its own. Now, decades later, when mindful eating is not a trend but a lifestyle, smoothies have carved out a permanent place in many consumers’ diets, and Planet Smoothie has built its name up into a brand known for using fresh fruits and quality ingredients in all of its products.

“Planet Smoothie is a national leader in the smoothie franchise industry, for the simplest of reasons: it’s an incredible product, the customer service is exceptional, and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun,” says Florida-based franchise owner Sura Alani. “Planet Smoothie is marketed as the best-tasting smoothie on the planet, and it’s not difficult to understand why. At Planet Smoothie, we believe that using whole, real ingredients – rather than added sugars – is the key to great taste.”

Planet Smoothie Offers Premiere Franchise Support

Franchising can be a challenge, but with the right support and resources to guide you, you can be prepared to grow your franchise and maximize your profit potential. Planet Smoothie’s team is there to set franchise owners up for growth and help increase their profit potential with a range of support services.

“It all starts with a welcome call from our team, so the new franchise owner can start building a relationship with us,” says Stacey Wopnford, Vice President of Operations. “Then the new franchisee will participate in an initial training program that covers operational details and systems, keys to providing exceptional customer service, product overview and financial management information. We want franchisees to feel comfortable asking questions and seeking out the support and resources they need.”

Planet Smoothie franchisees also have the support of a world-class team of experts at Kahala Brands™. The parent company of Planet Smoothie headquartered in Arizona, Kahala Brands is one of the fastest-growing international franchising companies in the world. The company’s services provided to all its franchise companies include robust training programs, marketing and public relations support, franchise development, real estate support, and more. The seasoned team at Kahala Brands is there to help franchisees reach their full potential throughout the life of their business.

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Planet Smoothie is a Franchise Made for Scalability

Whether you want to own and maintain a franchise unit or have always planned for expansion, the Planet Smoothie model is flexible and simple to scale if you decide you’re ready to take your franchise journey to the next level. Planet Smoothie offers single- and multi-unit franchise opportunities, the latter enabling franchisees to own and operate two or more locations in a given territory.

Planet Smoothie wants its franchise owners to grow, and the business model proves that, offering everything a franchisee needs to adapt to market demands, attract more customers, and always offer outstanding customer service in a fun and energetic atmosphere. With a low initial investment, simple operational model, established client base, and strong support team, Planet Smoothie franchisees are provided the tools they need to grow and meet their entrepreneurial goals.

Planet Smoothie Offers in Demand Products

According to Grand View Research, a market research and consulting firm, data indicates the global smoothies market size was valued at $6.7 billion in 2021 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2022 to 2028. This enormous projected growth rate is attributed to a rise in healthy beverage consumption and the embracement of more mindful eating practices – especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. This research shows it’s a great time to capitalize on this growing demand and break into the healthy smoothie industry.

However, not all smoothie brands are alike. Sugar is an all-too-common component of so many products marketed as healthy, including in the smoothie industry. But at Planet Smoothie, the vast menu relies on fresh fruits and nutritional additions that meet the public’s demand for healthy smoothies. On the Planet Smoothie menu, customers will find old favorites and limited time offerings made from fresh bananas, strawberries, oranges, raspberries, and other fruits, nut butters, seeds, nonfat milk, and frozen yogurt.

The franchise’s smoothies can also be customized to suit any dietary need or objective, including plant-based and dairy-free diets. Planet Smoothie has options that can give customers a dose of superfoods or a protein or energy boost, serve as a meal replacement or post-workout snack, or provide a low-calorie treat. There are also options created specially for kids.

Become a Planet Smoothie Franchisee Today

With a world-class support team, simple and scalable business model, and premier product, Planet Smoothie is the best smoothie franchise in the industry. Is it the right franchise for you? Find out by visiting the Planet Smoothie research pages here to learn more about the brand, product offerings, available markets and more.

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