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Planet Smoothie Franchise Co-Brand Option Creates Extra Revenue Stream for Owners

Planet Smoothie/Tasti D-Lite location will be first on the West Coast

The upcoming addition of a Planet Smoothie/Tasti D-Lite co-branded franchise in bustling Santa Monica, California, will be the first time one of our co-branded stores has appeared on the West Coast. In addition to healthy, tasty smoothie options, guests visiting the new Santa Monica location will have access to low-calorie frozen yogurt from our sister franchise, Tasti D-Lite, which will be open within the same building.


Planet Smoothie’s store in Santa Monica will be the first on the West Coast to feature sister franchise, Tasti D-Lite.

The opportunity to own a co-branded Planet Smoothie/Tasti D-Lite franchise presents many advantages for our franchisees. In addition to teaming with Planet Smoothie, an outstanding brand with a loyal customer base and strong potential, co-brand franchise owners have access to another strong brand and a separate revenue stream — without any extra franchise fees. Planet Smoothie and Tasti D-Lite use a lot of the same store fixtures and equipment and share supply chains, which means co-brand franchise owners can operate Planet Smoothie and Tasti D-Lite in one retail location without the need for a lot of extra space.

“We got introduced to Planet Smoothie and thought the product tasted really good compared to other smoothies we had,” says Kanna Sunkara, one of the co-owners who will oversee the Santa Monica location. “Added to the more attractive price point, more options and more variety, we just think that Planet Smoothie and Tasti D-Lite complement each other amazingly well. To have an established smoothie brand and an established frozen dessert brand that can co-exist is an amazing concept.”

Planet-Smoothie West Coast Franchise Expo

Kanna Sunkara, Laura Crane and Ramu Sunkara will soon open a Planet Smoothie/Tasti D-Lite location in Santa Monica, California.

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, natural ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek out healthier options. Planet Smoothie is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands family.

Our co-branded franchises conquer all dayparts

With Tasti D-Lite as a part of a Planet Smoothie franchise location, owners are able attract customers who are in search of something beyond a smoothie — especially during the afternoon and evening hours. Our co-branded franchise locations give guests a reason to visit our franchise locations at any time, day or night.


“Tasti D-Lite offers a different daypart than smoothies have,” says John Wuycheck, Planet Smoothie’s Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “The typical busiest hours for Tasti D-Lite are dinnertime to close, while for the smoothie concept it’s from 11 a.m. on, so it really helps drive an evening daypart for us that smoothies doesn’t necessarily do.

“Franchisees want to maximize sales across all hours of their operating day,” he says, “and with the Tasti D-Lite co-brand, it gives them a venue to do exactly that.”

“There are competitors in the froyo market, so at the end of the day, why Tasti? Tasti is in a league of its own,” Kanna says. “There is huge demand for healthier, lower-calorie options,” he says, and Tasti D-Lite gives customers these choices.

Pairing a Planet Smoothie with your existing business

Planet Smoothie doesn’t only offer the co-brand option: current business owners also have the option to pair Planet Smoothie with their existing business. According to an article on the QSR website, pairing Planet Smoothie with an existing business “gets results.”

Business owners Craig Accardo and Linda Read were both encouraged by other multi-unit franchise owners to check out Planet Smoothie. Accardo, who owns four locations of a pretzel franchise in the Orlando, Florida, area, added Planet Smoothie to one of his mall stores and saw a quick jump in revenue as he attracted an influx of new customers. Read, who owns 10 business locations in Southern California, added Planet Smoothie to an outlet store location and has already remodeled another location to make room for Planet Smoothie.

“It met my projections and a little more,” Craig says. “It didn’t cannibalize sales. It actually helped my sales because we can cater to just about any customer. Average tickets are up, too. Planet Smoothie customers typically spend a little more.”

Linda says she has been impressed by Planet Smoothie, too — not just because of the revenue it brings in, but also because of the strong operations of Planet Smoothie as a franchisor.

“When there is an opportunity, they move quickly, make fast decisions and make things happen,” she says.

As one of our franchise owners, you do not have to offer both Planet Smoothie and Tasti D-Lite. Our franchise offers standalone Planet Smoothie franchises, co-branded Planet-Tasti locations, and standalone Tasti D-Lite locations. Our experienced franchise team can help you determine which concept makes the most sense for you.

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