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What Is Planet Smoothie?

Innovation and rapid growth make Planet Smoothie a top smoothie franchise business

Top Smoothie Franchise: Planet Smoothie

Demand for smoothies is on the rise. As Americans have grown more health-conscious, they are looking for food options that are both healthy and convenient, and smoothies are a great combination of both. The smoothie industry has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. According to, frozen fruit sales in the United States surpassed a billion dollars, shattering all previous records.  Sales have more than doubled since 2011.

Planet Smoothie franchises: are they right for you?

Planet Smoothie has helped lead the growth. Our first store opened in Atlanta in 1995, and we quickly grew into a dominant smoothie brand in the Southeast. We now have more than 125 stores.

Planet Smoothie is known for its healthier ingredients, all-natural sweetener and supplements. We use real fruits in our smoothies, and we also have our own line of supplements to help provide more vitamins, boost protein,  and help customers achieve their personal goals. We also offer the best tasting smoothie on the planet!® Our franchise owners have helped customers learn that “healthy” can also be “tasty.”

“The product is exceptional,” says Senior Vice President of Franchise Development John Wuycheck. “Our tagline is ‘the best tasting smoothie on the planet!®,’ and it’s true! They taste great, and the nutritionals are amazing. We use real fruit and our own zero-calorie stevia based sweetener. Then we also have ‘Blasts’ we can add to your smoothie to help provide even more nutrition, boost energy or help recuperate from exercise. Our menu is extremely flexible to meet the unique preferences of each guest. With different retail formats and single- and multi-unit franchise programs, our business concept is flexible, too.”

Planet Smoothie owners have had success in shopping centers, as well as in kiosks and express units; and growing numbers of multi-unit franchise owners have been adding Planet Smoothie to complement their existing business.

Healthy eating is no longer a trend

Americans have awakened to the importance of healthy eating. The obesity rate has more than doubled since 1980, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prompting a re-examination of eating habits. According a report issued in 2014 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans have started to cut back on their daily calorie intake and are reading more nutritional labels.

It’s not always easy to eat well on the go, but Planet Smoothie is changing that. Our freshly prepared smoothies are usually ready just a couple of minutes after they are ordered, which makes it easy for a customer to stop in, grab a cup full of nutritious yumminess and head to their next destination.

Smoothie franchises: a unique menu

Planet Smoothie franchises use steviaPlanet Smoothie’s menu is unique. Just because a customer wants a healthier meal replacement doesn’t mean they want a smoothie that doesn’t taste great!

For instance, most smoothie shops use some form of sugar for added sweetener, but we developed our own sweetener called LeanLeaf®, that is made from stevia plants. It’s just as sweet, and it has far fewer calories. Smoothie customers often make purchases around functional preferences: weight loss, protein buildup, whole-meal replacement or vitamin supplement, and we have a functional menu to accommodate what our customers want.

We have more than 30 regular menu items. Because everything is made to order, we can create thousands of combinations for our customers. To guide customers, we divide our menu into categories such as “Planet Favorites,  Planet Lite™, Superfood, Energy, Protein, and Protein Your Way”. The categories help guide customers to the options that best fit their nutritional goals.

Why is Planet Smoothie a good potential business?

Planet Smoothie is a great potential business because it costs a lot less to start compared with most restaurant concepts, it appeals to a growing segment of customers, it is simple to operate, and it attracts loyal customers who often visit once a week or more. In fact, most stores have a group of regulars who stop by every single day — sometimes twice! — and our customer loyalty rewards program offers deals and discounts to encourage customers to become regulars. (Several customers are approaching their 1,000th visit!)

Happy employees of a top smoothie franchise!

Mele Frumer likes that Planet Smoothie is both simple and delicious. “I would never have gone into something that was unhealthy, and it has gotten healthier and healthier,” she says. The breast cancer survivor is proud to offer healthier foods with real fruit and leafy greens — not artificially flavored junk. “I had somebody come in one day and ask if we use ‘banana spray.’ Banana spray!?! What is that?!” When customers learn they can trust you to offer authentic food, they come back.

Craig Accardo, a veteran franchisee business owner who added a Planet Smoothie Express module to his existing business, said he likes co-branding with Planet Smoothie because Planet Smoothie is a simple concept that brings in significant extra revenue and complements his other business.

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