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What Sets Smoothie Franchise Opportunities Apart?

Planet Smoothie’s commitment to quality ingredients, unique offerings and a wide range of startup options give it the competitive edge

All smoothies are not created equal. What some so-called smoothie outfits offer is nothing more than a sugar-packed beverage full of processed ingredients disguised as a healthy meal alternative. Avid smoothie consumers know the difference, and they’re not likely to settle for just any smoothie. According to a 2012 customer survey by public relations giant Edelman, over half of consumers say they try to avoid processed foods whenever possible. As a result, consumers are paying more attention to nutrition labels and are ultimately changing the way they think about food. Planet Smoothie’s devotion to giving guests the fresh, healthy menu items they desire, in a variety of locations, makes Planet Smoothie one of the best smoothie franchise opportunities in today’s marketplace.

Planet Smoothie Franchise leafy greens mobile

Leafy Greens can be added to any smoothie.

Keeping things fresh and innovative

One advantage that smoothie franchises have is the ability to use fresh, whole foods. Planet Smoothie’s commitment to produce a healthy smoothie for customers is evident in the attention they pay to their ingredients. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as unique proprietary sweeteners and supplements, are found in their menu items and allow guests to create a smoothie that fits their own personal tastes and lifestyles. Their Limited-Time-Offer menu gives Planet Smoothie the ability to showcase products they launch throughout the year and keeps guests coming back for something new.

Heidi Bedell, a Planet Smoothie franchise owner in Orlando, Florida, pursued her smoothie franchise opportunity because she stands by the products that Planet Smoothie offers. “A Planet Smoothie product tastes good, and it’s a bonus that it is good for you,” she says. “You can call it in, pick it up, and go. Now, as an owner, I have one or two smoothies a day. I have lost five pounds since I owned my store.”

Proving that less is really more

Smoothies can taste good and still be good for you. This philosophy places Planet Smoothie at the top of the market in terms of delivering the most health-conscious smoothie possible. The franchise has developed its own all-natural, sugar-free proprietary sweetener, made from agave nectar and stevia, which lets guests enjoy smoothies that taste great but contain only a fraction of the calories and sugar content of the competition. Planet Smoothie has reformulated some menu items to provide even more benefits to consumers. Their switch from chocolate syrup to cocoa powder helped lower calorie content and boost the amount of antioxidants — all without sacrificing flavor. The careful research and consideration Planet Smoothie puts into all of its menu items adds one more reason why it’s an ideal choice for prospective franchisees considering their smoothie franchise opportunities.


A range of smoothie franchise opportunities

Traditional and non-traditional locations give new franchisees the opportunity to build a Planet Smoothie that accommodates a range of budgets. From traditional 1,000-square-foot retail locations to kiosks, their business models are a suitable fit for virtually any market, anywhere.

Other smoothie franchise opportunities are often confined to certain size restrictions or basic business models that don’t necessarily reflect what potential franchisees are looking for. Choosing a smoothie franchise opportunity that gives you the flexibility of building your business as you see fit is essential, and is something that Planet Smoothie takes into account with its various business models.

Learn more about Planet Smoothie

Planet Smoothie is looking for passionate people who are interested in building a strong business that brings healthier options to the community. Startup costs for a traditional retail store range from $166,400 to $287,350, and non-traditional locations (mall kiosks or other small footprints) range from $89,600 to $222,243. We’re looking for people with a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital.

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