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Planet Smoothie Focusing On Health In New Products

New Year, New Products with a Focus on Health

With any new year comes new commitments to a healthier lifestyle. As consumers kick off their New Year with resolutions to incorporate more whole foods into their diets and embrace more mindful eating, they’re seeking healthier food and beverage choices from the businesses they love. Fitness and wellbeing are becoming high priorities for consumers, and the food service industry is increasingly pivoting to meet the demand for healthier options.

Planet Smoothie is focused on providing these options to their customers and putting a focus on health, with three new products offered for a limited time in 2023:

  • Immunity Ignitor, a smoothie to support your digestive and immune systems with a blend of high-fiber ingredients including orange juice, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, chia seeds and Planet Smoothie’s brand-new probiotic blast
  • Polka Dot Bikini, a metabolism boost and fatigue-fighting smoothie with strawberries, bananas, nonfat milk and Planet Smoothie’s fat-burner blast
  • All Shook Up, a blend of bananas, frozen yogurt, peanut butter, cocoa, nonfat milk and whey protein for those seeking to build muscle and strength

Each of these new “Level Up” smoothies offers customers a delicious, satisfying drink that’s also rich in nutrients and packed with fresh, healthy ingredients.

“As a brand committed to promoting health and wellness through our smoothies, we are excited to introduce our Level Up smoothies,” said Nicole Butcher, Director of Marketing at Kahala Brands™, parent company of Planet Smoothie. “No matter what your goals are, Planet Smoothie has a full menu of delicious, nutrient-rich options for you.”

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Invest in a Franchise Serving Healthier Options

The smoothie market is highly adaptable to the evolving needs of customers, which makes Planet Smoothie a secure investment for potential franchisees. When Planet Smoothie was founded, smoothies were still a relatively new trend, though growing in popularity. Now, more than 20 years later, it’s clear that smoothies have become a permanent fixture in today’s culture of mindful eating and healthier living.

Planet Smoothie offers customers made-fresh smoothies that can be customized to fit any dietary need and enjoyed on the go, so franchisees can rest assured they’re investing in a reliable product and brand. What’s more, Planet Smoothie is a simple-to-operate business suited for any entrepreneur with low overhead costs in the for a traditional Planet Smoothie model. The business’ small, adaptable footprint allows it to thrive in a wide variety of retail spaces, from standalone storefronts to mall kiosks.

Planet Smoothie is also backed by Kahala Brands™, whose seasoned team provides its franchisees with the support and resources they need to make owning and operating a small business a breeze.

Learn More about Planet Smoothie Today

Get started on bringing these healthy options and more to your community by investing in a Planet Smoothie today. For more information about the Planet Smoothie brand, visit the Planet Smoothie research pages here.

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