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Smoothie Industry Estimated to Reach $17 Billion by 2023

A Planet Smoothie franchise is the best bet in the smoothie industry. We offer a proven business model that maximizes profitability, a loyal customer base, and feeds the cravings of health enthusiasts

Entrepreneurs looking to own a business with impact should consider investing in the smoothest food in history — smoothies. According to a report by Market Data Forecast, the U.S. smoothie industry will grow from $12 billion to an estimated nearly $17 billion by 2023. 

The high demand for smoothies, which is projected to grow at a rate of 7 percent. It is propelled by the increasing popularity for meal replacement food and beverages, as well as a demand for non-carbonated soft drinks. The study adds that a rise in health-conscious people and changing lifestyles also contribute to the popular surge for smoothies. 

Enter Planet Smoothie®. Our Planet Smoothie franchise got its start in the mid-1990s, when smoothies were first beginning to be seen as a food offering on their own, as opposed to being part of an extended menu. Suffice it to say, the smoothie market exploded. As more and more Americans look to slim down and become healthier, the trend continues today, with smoothies seen as a way to enhance a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or taste. 

“The product is exceptional,” says Doug Merenda, Director of Franchise Development. “Our tagline is ‘the best tasting smoothie on the planet®,’ and it’s true. We use real fruit and our own zero-calorie, stevia-based sweetener. We also have ‘Blasts’ we can add to your smoothie to help provide even more nutrition, boost energy or help recuperate from exercise. Our menu is extremely flexible to meet the unique preferences of each guest. With different retail formats and single- and multi-unit franchise programs, our business concept is flexible, too.”Planet Smoothie Franchise smoothies

Why Do So Many People Love Planet Smoothie?

Today, Planet Smoothie franchises are open all throughout the United States. As a franchise owner with our brand, you’ll quickly learn that our customer base comes from all walks of life. However, they all share one common thing: to eat foods that are convenient, delicious and guilt-free. 

No one does this better than Planet Smoothie, because smoothies are our sole passion and focus. This gives our franchise owners an advantage, as our menu is built around real fruit and other healthier ingredients — and our customers know that. This is why they come to their local store at least once a week for a meal replacement or a delicious treat that isn’t laden with added sugar, additives or imitation flavorings. 

Even better, our franchise model is better than ever under the leadership of Kahala Brands™, one of the world’s fastest-growing franchising companies with a portfolio of 29 quick-service restaurant concepts. Backed with bolstering support from their veteran leadership team, Planet Smoothie has developed the necessary capabilities and resources, such as improved supply chains, more purchasing power and a single operating system, to accelerate growth and drive stronger results for our franchise owners. 

“One of the things that made me very excited about Planet Smoothie is the passion and enthusiasm of its franchise community,” notes Merenda. “They’re excited about the Planet Smoothie lifestyle; a fun, energetic place that promotes a healthy lifestyle — making Planet Smoothie the great brand that it is. It brings together franchisees who share that same enthusiasm, who share that same desire for a healthier lifestyle, but at the same time can control their own destiny. To me, that’s the fun part — finding those franchisees who share that passion, that enthusiasm, and in doing so help grow this great brand.”

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