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Planet Smoothie Cares About Gut Health

What is Gut Health and Why is it Trending?

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic kicked started a trend in which consumers are living more mindfully and making more health-conscious choices when it comes to their food, and it looks like gut and digestive health will increasingly be a focus for American consumers.

Research from the International Food Information Council indicates that consumers will continue to focus on health in 2023, and are specifically looking to drinks for nutritional benefits such as increased energy, mental wellness, and gut health support. IFIC’s research shows that probiotics in particular are growing in popularity, with digestive or gut health being the third-most popular benefit among American consumers. What’s more, that trend is only expected to grow over the coming year, and consumers are increasingly seeking gut health benefits from drinks.

Planet Smoothie is a great way for customers to get a nutritional boost and maintain a healthy gut with smoothies made from fresh fruit and whole, natural ingredients. As a franchise with nearly 30 years in the game adapting to customer demands and keeping up with health trends, Planet Smoothie offers a highly customizable and constantly evolving menu that can meet the nutritional needs and health goals of its loyal customer base, including a healthy digestive system. Probiotic smoothie options are available to Planet Smoothie customers looking to improve their gut health, as well as smoothies that serve a wide range of other functions, including: immune system support, energy boosts, weight loss, muscle-building, and meal replacements.

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Invest in a Franchise Keeping Up with the Trends

Adaptation is key – especially in the food service industry – to keeping customers happy, and Planet Smoothie is committed to offering a menu that can satisfy every customer. Planet Smoothie is always prepared to meet the demand of new health trends and adapt to different consumer tastes, lifestyles, and health goals. Whether it’s expanding options for vegan customers, offering meal-replacement smoothies, or crafting smoothies that offer specific nutritional benefits, Planet Smoothie is focused on providing customers with a product that tastes delicious and meets their dietary needs.

Planet Smoothie also has the support of international franchise company Kahala Brands™. As Planet Smoothie’s parent company, Kahala Brands offers the support of its experienced, in-house research and development team dedicated to staying on top of emerging health trends and consumer demands, so Planet Smoothie can keep customers coming back for more.

Learn More about Planet Smoothie Franchise

Smoothies are a mainstay in healthy eating, and Planet Smoothie is a prime opportunity for investors looking to be a part of the wellness trend. If you’re ready to learn how you can open your own Planet Smoothie and bring healthy products to your community, start a conversation with our franchise team and request a free Franchise Information Report by filling out our form here. This report includes details about startup costs, the franchise management team, and the competitive advantages to becoming a Planet Smoothie franchise partner.

For more information on what Planet Smoothie is all about, including the business model, profit potential, and why customers love the brand, visit the Planet Smoothie research pages here.