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Three Reasons to Invest in a Planet Smoothie Franchise

Smoothie franchise benefits from growing demand for healthy foods, a simple business model and an impressive management team

Ever since the advent of the electric blender, health-conscious individuals have used smoothies as an easy and nutritious meal option. Now that healthy eating is mainstream, consumers are seeking out smoothies to the tune of $2.4 billion a year in sales. Entrepreneurs have responded to the demand by opening more than 100 Planet Smoothie franchises nationwide. Here are three big reasons why you should invest in a Planet Smoothie franchise:

Infographic / Invest in a Planet Smoothie Franchise

1. Growing marketplace

A January 2014 study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that Americans are eating healthier than in the previous four years. They’re reading nutrition labels, cutting down on cholesterol and fat, and consuming more fiber.

As part of that trend, consumers are looking for healthier, convenient dining options, which is what a Planet Smoothie franchise delivers. A 2015 study by IBISWorld reported that the demand for ready-to-drink smoothie products increased over the past five years, driving profit margins during that time. IBISWorld also predicts that “Ready to Drink” smoothie companies will benefit from the economic climate of rising employment that produces more disposable income. Global Industry Analysts Inc. says the worldwide smoothie market is $9 billion. And 82% of Americans want companies to offer healthy and affordable products, according to a study by public relations firm Edelman.

Planet Smoothie’s products stand out among smoothie franchises. We use real fruits and vegetables in our smoothies, and our proprietary sweetener is made from stevia and agave nectar. This makes our smoothies lower in sugar and calories, while still allowing us to serve the “best-tasting smoothies on the planet.”


2. Excellent management team

Planet Smoothie is managed by a team with proven experience in growing franchises and marketing brands. Founded in 1995, the headquarters operations were purchased in 2011 by a team that has helped grow other well-known brands, such as Mail Boxes Etc. The team was attracted by the quality of Planet Smoothie’s products, the growth potential of the brand, and the surging demand for healthy dining.

CEO Peter Holt has been building franchises and marketing brands internationally for the past three decades. He has been chairman of the International Franchise Association’s international affairs network and its global marketing group, and he led franchise sales and development for Mail Boxes Etc., (currently The UPS Store) and served as president of the I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt! franchise.

Planet Smoothie Franchise storefront and customers

3. Simple business model

Planet Smoothie franchisees enjoy a simple business model. A franchisee doesn’t have to be a restaurateur or even hire a chef to operate a Planet Smoothie. Recipes, equipment packages and training are provided. There’s no grease to clean up and no cooktops to maintain. They work well with a small complement of staff. Planet Smoothie offers franchisees help with marketing, coaching and conventions to help franchisees find ways to improve and grow their businesses.

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