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Planet Smoothie Florida Expansion Creates Major Franchise Opportunity

The Orlando-area smoothie market is booming, and Planet Smoothie is a big reason why

Things are still heating up in the Florida smoothie market with the addition of a new Planet Smoothie franchise in Casselberry, just north of Orlando. As smoothie popularity continues to evolve and grow as a $2.4 billion industry, Planet Smoothie stays at the forefront by offering consumers healthy, delicious and convenient treats.

The new location in Casselberry joins more than 20 other Planet Smoothie franchises in the Orlando area. The fact that we’re still growing in the region underscores our products’ mainstream popularity with Florida consumers.

Planet Smoothie Franchise opening party / Planet Smoothie Florida Expansion

Guests converse with franchise owner Zafir Abdelrahman at the new Planet Smoothie location in Casselberry, Florida.

“Our ability to expand in a region that already boasts multiple Planet Smoothie franchises shows how effectively we have marketed and developed the Orlando area,” says John Wuycheck, Planet Smoothie’s Vice President of Franchising. “Floridians love Planet Smoothie, and we’re reciprocating that love by giving those customers even more opportunities to enjoy the smoothies they want.”

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, natural ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek out healthier options. Planet Smoothie is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands family.

Why is Florida such a strong market?

The fact that the smoothie franchise is still expanding in Florida despite multiple existing locations points to the strength and lasting power of the franchise, as well as the wide range of customers our smoothies attracts. The demographics of smoothie customers are evolving, and more potential customers learn about smoothies every year.

“You’d think they’re for jocks, or athletes, or teenagers, but honestly I’ve seen every demographic walk through the door,” says Zafir Abdelrahman, franchise owner of the new Casselberry location. “It’s a grandma with a couple of kids, families, it’s two 13-year-olds stopping in, as well as all the athletes who walk in from neighborhood gyms.”

Jason Mann, who serves as Area Developer for Planet Smoothie in Orlando, has helped grow the brand from a handful of stores in Central Florida in 1999 to more than two dozen today. Planet Smoothie is now a dominant brand in Central Florida, and Jason says he thinks the success could be duplicated throughout the country.

ps-infographic-4-revised / Planet Smoothie Florida Expansion

“I was living in Washington when I decided to look into Planet Smoothie, and I knew I wanted to move back to Florida,” Jason says. “I went through a process with Planet Smoothie, and they pinpointed Orlando as a great growth opportunity.”

It’s worked out well. He now owns three stores and assists other Orlando-area franchisees.

“Back in 1999, nobody really knew what smoothies were in Orlando, so we were breaking into the market with a new brand and a new concept,” he says. “I had trusted staff members behind the counter, and I would go outside in a banana suit and drive traffic to the store. We were also marketing in the community extremely hard and built relationships with all the schools near our store. To be really successful, you have to make yourself part of the community. You need to be the ‘mayor of the village.’”

Planet Smoothie has 28 locations in Central Florida, and it is looking for franchise partners to help it add eight more locations in the next three years. / Planet Smoothie Florida Expansion

Jason Mann, who serves as Area Developer for Planet Smoothie in Orlando, has helped grow the brand from a handful of stores in Central Florida in 1999 to more than two dozen today.

Today, Jason has a management infrastructure in place to operate his three stores and to provide best-of-class support to the 20-plus other franchise owners in his region.

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