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Planet Smoothie Marks Major Milestones in 2015, Gears up for 2016

Acquisition by Kahala Brands results in aggressive expansion strategy for new and existing markets, along with menu and marketing improvements

The Planet Smoothie franchise brand hit a couple of major milestones in 2015, both of which bode well for solid future growth in new and existing markets.

First, Planet Smoothie hit the 100-store mark, showing that the brand is capable of solid performance and growth even in a slow economy. This also shows continued consumer and franchisee interest in the brand despite growing competition in the juice/smoothie, healthy-lifestyle sector.

“Our space is very competitive, and we were thrilled to see how well Planet Smoothie continues to perform in both its longtime and new markets,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “We believe we are positioned well for a strong 2016 and beyond.”

Aggressive growth strategy planned

When Kahala Brands purchased Planet Smoothie in June 2015, it added the smoothie franchise to a substantial portfolio that also includes 20 brands, and 2,500 locations in 25 countries. Kahala is known as a superior operator, but it wants to be seen as a growth brand, as well, particularly with Planet Smoothie.

PS-Social-Media-4 / Major Milestones“We are becoming a development organization,” John says. “When we buy a brand, we don’t put it out to pasture. We have vital and interesting brands, and when it comes to a name like Planet Smoothie, we think potential franchisees should be looking at it. A Planet Smoothie franchise is part of a growing consumer segment, thanks to the ongoing interest in healthy eating, and we’re going to be working to capitalize on that in as many markets as possible.”

Marketing and menu upgrades boost visibility

One way that Planet Smoothie franchise operators, new and existing, will benefit is from an enhanced marketing push. Kahala Brands will be promoting Planet Smoothie where stores are up and running, and also focusing on specific markets around the United States where Planet Smoothie would be a good fit, John says.

“We are looking at several states where we do not have a presence, as well as several markets that we believe are underserved,” John says. “Planet Smoothie has an outstanding menu, which is being updated and expanded all the time. It produces a fresh, appealing product that is a proven consumer favorite. It’s why the brand continued to expand in 2015, and it’s why we believe the next couple of years will see strong growth across the board.”

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