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Planet Smoothie Franchise Can Be a Great Year Round Business

Americans looking for healthier food options are turning to smoothies to help maintain their diet, stay in shape and protect their immune systems

After months of being cooped up at home, Americans are obsessed with their health and well-being now more than ever. According to the International Food Information Council’s 2020 Food & Health Survey, 32% of Americans are snacking more, while 85% of respondents have made at least some change in the food they eat or how they prepare it because of the coronavirus pandemic. Planet Smoothie is a great year-round business!

Fortunately, smoothies are perfect for year-round consumption and are a convenient, healthier way to boost your intake of fruits and vegetables, serving as meal replacements, post-workout nutrition, snacks and more. Even better, the most nutritious smoothies utilize whole foods, contain little or no added sugar, and include a balanced amount of nutrients. 

This is where Planet Smoothie® franchise owners outshine the competition. For almost three decades, our exciting smoothie franchise has earned a reputation for using real fruit and whole foods to provide our customers with “the best tasting smoothie on the planet.”® We have grown to more than 140 locations across the country by meeting consumers’ needs for ingredient transparency and healthy alternatives — and the demand for smoothies is only increasing. Planet Smoothie franchise owner Sherell Oliver-Reilly / Year-Round Business

“We get people from the gym, people after surgeries, people who just come in here and say, ‘Hey, I want to lose weight. What should I order? Show me what to do,’” says Ryan DeWitt, a Planet Smoothie franchise owner in Kilmore, Florida. “You’re almost like a personal nutritionist. Planet Smoothie’s mission is to make every guest’s day better, so if a customer comes in and wants to do better, and you’re able to help them, it just makes you feel like you’ve done something for that guest.” 

As part of Kahala Brands™, one of the world’s fastest-growing franchising companies with a portfolio of 28 quick-service restaurant concepts, Planet Smoothie is highly experienced in helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership. As a franchise opportunity, Planet Smoothie is committed to keeping ongoing costs low, beginning with our initial investment as well as our streamlined business model. Additionally, we have developed one of the most comprehensive training and support platforms in the industry to help our franchise owners grow their business over the long-term. 

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a multi-unit owner looking to expand your portfolio, there’s never been a better time to join Planet Smoothie’s franchise family. Our exciting smoothie franchise is positioned for growth in the more than $5 billion smoothie industry, according to Fastcasual.com, and is poised to continue growing. This is why as we expand our footprint across the country, we are actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about owning a healthy food alternative in their community. 

Bring a Planet Smoothie Franchise, a Year-Round Business, to Your Community

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