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How Big Is the Smoothie Industry?

Smoothie franchise for sale: one of the fastest-growing food franchise segments

Planet Smoothie is a rapidly growing franchise brand in a booming sector of the beverage industry. Best of all, Planet Smoothie is a dominant leader in the rapid-growth, made-to-order smoothie category.

Smoothies have grown from a niche market in the 1990s to a more than $5 billion industry, according to They are mainstream snack or meal replacement for millions. The demand for healthier smoothies like the ones we concoct at Planet Smoothie is only getting stronger.

Why smoothie franchises are growing

It’s no secret that America has a major problem with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It’s also clear that people want to eat better and are willing to seek healthier alternatives to fast food, processed food and other menu items and beverages that are spiked with sugar, salt and artificial flavorings.

Healthy and Fresh: Planet Smoothie franchise for sale

Technomic, a food industry market research firm, recently found that 64% of consumers agree that it’s important to eat healthy, up from 57% in 2010 — a massive shift in just two years. Another survey, conducted by the Mintel consumer research firm in 2013, asked participants to identify the barriers that keep them from reaching their healthy eating goals. Among the reasons: availability of products, time constraints, taste concerns and confusion about what’s healthy.

As a leader in the industry, Planet Smoothie addresses these barriers with lower-sugar, lower-calorie smoothie choices. Our stores make it super-easy for customers to purchase a delicious smoothie within minutes of walking in the door.

Our smoothie franchise is a simple business

Planet Smoothie’s streamlined business model is simple and easy to execute. Ask Planet Smoothie owners what they like best about the franchise, and nine times out of 10 they’ll talk about the brand’s simplicity. Planet Smoothie stores have surprisingly low costs of goods sold and fewer of the operating costs and complexities found in many other dining concepts. For instance, equipment costs are lower, and there are minimal spoilage costs because most of our fruits are flash frozen and kept in freezers until they are needed.

Jason Mann, a 15-year Planet Smoothie veteran and owner of three successful stores in the Orlando, Florida, area, puts it this way:

Tasty treats at a smoothie franchise

“One of the attraction points for Planet Smoothie is the small amount of employees and labor needed to run the locations. Planet Smoothie is an enthusiastic and fun atmosphere to work in and a fun business to own. You don’t need tremendous inventory, and it is a simple concept for someone without restaurant experience to operate.”

Keith Lehmann, who owns a store in Winter Park, Florida, says:

“There’s a real advantage to owning a Planet Smoothie franchise. It’s a simpler operation than most food industry businesses. You’re not dealing with grease, meat or knives. You can be involved in an immensely popular industry without having a food background. Here is a food business that’s not as difficult to run as a restaurant.”

3 reasons why smoothies and smoothie franchises are here to stay

– Smoothies are relevant.  For a fast-growing national and international customer base that desires — and indeed even often demands — healthier and tastier quick-service food options, Planet Smoothie fits the bill perfectly.

– Smoothies taste good! So many healthy foods feel like punishment, but smoothies allow people to eat well while actually enjoying what they eat. Plus, ingredient combinations are virtually endless, which provides variety for customers who want to try different things.

– Smoothie buyers are a growing demographic. The demographics of the smoothie segment point to demand with a long-term horizon. Smoothies have been mainstream for 20 years — and that is creating more demand as time goes by.

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