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Who Buys Smoothies?

Who are Planet Smoothie’s customers?

Smoothies are far more common than they used to be, and even giant fast food chains have tried to capitalize on the huge demand. Planet Smoothie has major advantages — we are hardcore smoothie experts, we know a lot about our customers and we make the best tasting smoothie on the planet!®.

When we opened the first Planet Smoothie store in 1995 in Atlanta, smoothies were considered a niche product, but we knew things wouldn’t stay that way forever. Something so delicious, healthy and convenient was bound to go mainstream. We were right.

Smoothies are now a household word — but all smoothies aren’t created equal. Planet Smoothie customers know it, too. Many of them want a delicious treat or meal replacement, but they don’t want to overdose on sugar, additives or imitation flavorings. They want a great-tasting, healthier alternative to what’s on the menu at fast food joints.

Planet Smoothie communities

Many kinds of people flock to Planet Smoothie. Over almost two decades of doing business we’ve learned a lot about them. First and foremost, they are super-loyal to the Planet Smoothie brand. In fact, 42% stop into their local store at least once a week.

About 90% of Planet Smoothie customers exercise at least once a week. That doesn’t mean they’re all health and fitness buffs with six-pack abs and the ideal percentage of body fat — although some are. Many are simply active individuals who enjoy living a healthier lifestyle.

A large percentage of Planet Smoothie guests are 18- to 49-year-olds. Of course, we also attract customers on both ends of that spectrum — active Baby Boomers and teenagers on the go. The exact mix of customers can have a lot to do with the location of a Planet Smoothie. When a store is near a high school or college, it will fill up after school with students. When a store is very close to a gym, you’re going to see more of the gym crowd.

Smoothie franchises: smoothies become part of customers’ routines

Best smoothie franchise with the best fruitSome of the best Planet Smoothie customers are millennials, individuals born between 1980 and 2000. This crowd grew up in the 1990s when smoothies began to go mainstream. They represent an entire sector of the population who think of smoothies as a normal, everyday choice. We’ve learned a lot from observing this particular demographic. Many millennials snack five times a day rather than eating three square meals. Armed with their smartphones and laptops, they are just as comfortable in a smoothie shop as a coffeehouse.

A diverse pool of professionals also show up every day at Planet Smoothie — store managers, medical workers, police officers, school teachers, personal trainers, computer programmers, entrepreneurs and more. These folks are on the go and have little time to waste. And when they’re in a hurry, they would much rather pop into a Planet Smoothie for an energy-packed Java the Nut smoothie or a lite yet delicious 2 Piece Bikini smoothie than rush through a drive-through window or grab an empty-calorie soda at a convenience store.

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