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A Day in the Life

What is life like as a Planet Smoothie owner? Spend a day with Mele Frumer

Mele Frumer gets up at 5:30 in the morning to drive to her store in Orlando and get it ready to open at 7 a.m. She heads to the back room — which houses freezers, an ice machine and a refrigerated thawing station where frozen fruit spends 48 hours thawing for use. She takes the fruit that has partially thawed and moves it into bins in the kitchen area of the store, and also fills up the ice bin. With those simple steps completed, she’s ready to start making smoothies for the morning rush!

Planet Smoothie stores see their first influx of customers between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. As people rush to work, they love being able to pop into Planet Smoothie for a cheerful greeting and a healthier breakfast full of real fruit and leafy greens — and often, at this time of day, an energy Blast as well! Some customers will also stop in after their morning jog or workout to grab a smoothie with Planet Pro® protein before heading off to work. Morning customers appreciate the fact that they can stop in, order and be on their way in just a few minutes — which makes a smoothie every bit as convenient as a breakfast burrito, and a whole lot better for you!

Mele also uses the early part of the morning to examine the books from the previous day. Since she’s not in the store all day long, she checks to make sure her employees have done a good job of managing the cash register and tracking sales. She makes sure that the cash register has been balanced. In between serving customers, she also takes a look at her point-of-sale system to see which smoothies were most popular the previous day. That helps her spot trends. For instance, if the high school football team has decided to start ordering the “PBJ” en masse, she can adjust her ordering to ensure that the right ingredients stay stocked in her freezers. One of the great things about having frozen fruit as your main ingredient? There’s virtually no spoilage, so there’s very little risk in maintaining a large supply of a popular item: If demand shifts, you won’t lose your inventory.

Planet Smoothie franchise owner Mele

Mele has plenty of help in the business — five of her six children have been employees, and her son Noah now helps out with the store.

“The model is easy to operate, and it’s fun,” she says. “I love it because it has been such a great family business. I don’t know what else I could have done and had so much fun with my kids. And they have learned so much!”

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