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What Makes Planet Smoothie Franchise a Great Business?

Best-in-class ingredients make Planet Smoothie franchise stand out as a top smoothie franchise

Not all smoothies are equal. Some smoothie businesses lose sight of the fact that if healthy food doesn’t taste great, nobody will want it! Other businesses take a cost-cutting and low-effort approach to smoothies, and they use mass-produced concoctions of processed fruit and sugar that they give to customers in two or three artificially derived flavors.

Customers love Planet Smoothie because we offer great-tasting smoothies that contain many natural ingredients and add-ins. Customers can watch us make their smoothies and see us scoop strawberries, blueberries and other fruit into the blender jar. They can watch us add fresh leafy greens to the blender, or toss in açaí that is flash-frozen from the Brazilian rainforest and shipped to our franchisees.

Planet Smoothie franchise: a healthier fast food franchise

Customers also love that we are fast. One of the things that makes Planet Smoothie a healthier franchise is that we make it convenient to be healthy. Quick convenience foods have become a big part of the American diet, not because they are laden with salt and fat but because they are fast. Planet Smoothie customers can order at the counter and be out the door with their smoothie within minutes. That allows people to grab a smoothie on the way to work or to stop in for a quick meal replacement or treat during the day. The speed also allows franchisees to serve a lot of customers in a short amount of time.

Passion for health drives innovation

A top smoothie franchise serves the freshest fruit!

Fruit is good for your body, and most Americans don’t get even half as much as they should, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We make it easy for people to add a lot more fruit to their diets — and that’s just one of the things that make our smoothies healthier.

Over the past several years, Planet Smoothie has been busily re-creating many of our classic recipes in ways that lower their sugar content, reduce calories, boost vitamins and antioxidants, and introduce leafy greens — all without changing the great taste that customers love.

We have developed our own sweetener — LeanLeaf — it is all natural and made from stevia plants.

We also substituted cocoa powder in place of chocolate syrup for our more decadent smoothies — a move that lowered the calorie counts in those smoothies while adding much more antioxidant power.

We have also created smoothies with Greek yogurt that have more protein and fewer calories, and can add leafy greens to any smoothie (moms love this — kids don’t even notice when you sneak some greens into their smoothies!).

Planet Smoothie franchise strawberriesOn top of that, we offer our “Blasts” — supplements that can be added to any smoothie. Some are designed to help dieters get more fiber in their diet and feel more full, some are designed to boost energy or the immune system, others are designed to add more vitamins to your diet, and still others are designed to help athletes and exercisers recover and build muscle after a workout.

We provide full nutritional information for our menu items and invite customers and potential franchisees to compare our nutritional information to those of any competitor.

You’ll see why we’re confident we have the best tasting smoothies on the planet!®

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