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Planet Smoothie franchiseeShannon Lelli of Doylestown, Pennsylvania:
For me, it’s a miracle. It has so completely exceeded my expectations. … I feel like Planet Smoothie offers the perfect balance that lets different people adapt their lifestyle to our menu. There’s low-calorie options, there’s non-dairy options, there’s gluten-friendly options. There is something for everyone. People getting healthier and more health-conscious has absolutely helped my store, and we also have great-tasting smoothies for people who don’t care about health — but they are still getting nutritional benefits. I struggled with my weight all my life. I remember being a 6-year-old girl in ballet class who was “the chubby girl.” When I first opened Planet Smoothie, I wasn’t obese, but I was always fighting it and I was still chubby. Having a healthier business, people look at you, and since I opened the store and started exercising and using my own products, I have been able to get into good shape. It is such a testament to the product that, after having four kids, I can be in better shape now than I was when I was in high school

This owner doesn't want a juice franchise, he wants a planet smoothie franchise!Craig Accardo of Sanford, Florida (who added a Planet Smoothie press module to his existing foodservice business):

Health is important, but taste is still the No. 1 reason people want smoothies. The reason I decided to add Planet Smoothie was the taste. It’s easy for me to sell products I believe in. I enjoy Planet Smoothie products myself. They’re good, and I am happy to serve them. … When people come, they are usually happy. They are buying a healthier, yet delicious indulgence.

Owner of Planet Smoothie franchisesJason Mann of Orlando:
I have a passion for what I do, so it doesn’t feel like work. It has provided a wonderful financial life for us, and it also provides challenges on a daily basis, figuring out how to get better, how to achieve higher sales, and how to better employees’ lives. There’s a lot of self-fulfillment in this business — whether from helping a customer meet their fitness goals or helping an employee pay their way through school — there’s a tremendous amount of fulfillment through Planet Smoothie.

Why own a juice franchise when you could own Planet Smoothie franchises?Mele Frumer of Orlando:
Over the years, five of my six children have worked for Planet Smoothie — not to mention their fiancées and girlfriends — and I have absolutely loved it. My 17-year-old son has been helping since he was 12, and he can run the show. It has been great for them — it has given them a taste for having a real job a little earlier than most of their friends. I’ve had two daughters-in-law work for me, and stepchildren work for me, too. It’s a perfect business to do with your kids. It’s not too complicated.

Planet Smoothie franchises ownerKaren Hendrix of Suwanee, Georgia:

It’s a really, really positive environment. When you are serving smoothies, your customers are coming in for a treat that is healthier, and they are in a good mood. You get to know your customers, and you just feel like you are making people’s lives a little bit better. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you are around smiling people and you’re helping them do good for themselves!

Smoothie Business ownerKeith Lehmann, a business broker and accountant who owns a Planet Smoothie with his wife, Corey, in Winter Park, Florida:
The first smoothie shop I helped sell, I didn’t quite understand the concept. It was a mom-and-pop place, and I remember thinking, “I guess there are coffee people and smoothie people.” When I started working with Planet Smoothie as an accountant for some of the Orlando stores, I saw how popular they were, how brand-loyal the customers became, how good the product was. I never had a smoothie I didn’t like! I thought, “This is a very interesting business.” When the opportunity came up a couple of years later to buy one, we did. Since I had been doing the accounting, I knew the numbers and understood how much it was making. Planet Smoothies are in no way a “get rich quick” business, but I knew we could make a good living and have the freedom of being business owners.

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