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Planet Smoothie Owner Jason Mann Interviewed

Jason Mann operates a Planet Smoothie franchise in Central Florida, and has been building the brand there since 1999

When Jason Mann joined the Planet Smoothie franchise system in 1999, his store was one of three in the Orlando area. He quickly changed that by opening a second, third… eventually a sixth store. Then he set his sights even bigger by becoming an area developer for Planet Smoothie, a role in which he provides support for franchisees throughout Central Florida.

He now guides more than two dozen Planet Smoothie locations. His success attracted the attention of Franchising.com, which spotlights successful multi-unit franchisees.

Here are some excerpts from their interview:

Jason Mann multi-unit franchisee

Mann, who is refreshingly focused on doing whatever must be done, has handled everything from working the streets as a costumed banana to building out multiple locations. “Whatever my franchisees need is what my week entails,” says Mann, who has also helped create a new, healthier product for the brand. And in one of the toughest state economies in the U.S., he’s stayed excited about growing his business.

“I’ll spend 80 percent of my time on area representative work and 20 percent on personal operations. Day-to-day may include counseling franchisees, working with new prospects, improving in-store operations, assisting the corporate office with ongoing projects, or something as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Sometimes I call myself a glorified maintenance man.”

Do you have a favorite quote/advice?
“Successful people will do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” There’s nothing I won’t do or try to be successful in my business. I stay coachable. Back when we started in Orlando, folks didn’t know what smoothies were, much less Planet Smoothie. One of the things I learned early was to get out on the road in a banana suit. I’d go outside with a banana suit while my wife worked inside. Whatever it takes!

Best advice you ever got:
My Dad was, and still is, a tremendous influence on me. He helped me in terms of really being successful and sticking to the business. Just the fact that you knew you were working with your father, you had to see it through. We were going to be successful with this business.

What’s your passion in business?
Working with young employees, enhancing the lives of franchisees, and trying to figure out new ways to expand the brand.

Management method or style:
I believe my style is more on the macro side, and I train hard on the micro level and place systems to manage on a macro level. I try to manage through enthusiasm, having fun, and being passionate about what we do. If an employee doesn’t have a great attitude or passion, we’ll be looking for other superstars.

What makes Planet Smoothie a great franchise opportunity?

Planet Smoothie has become a dominant smoothie brand in the Southeast, and is starting to expand nationwide. To learn more about the business — including startup costs and what makes Planet Smoothie special — visit our research pages. To learn even more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation!