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Planet Smoothie can be the Best Smoothie Franchise for Parents

Owning a family business can teach responsibility and strengthen bonds with the people you love most

If you have a growing family and are looking for a new opportunity that will allow you to be there for your children, set a positive example, and strengthen your community, owning a Planet Smoothie franchise can be a great option.

Best Smoothie Franchise add-ins

Planet Smoothie franchise owners play a truly meaningful role in their communities. They provide teenagers with their first jobs, they create long lasting relationships with their customers, and most importantly, they provide the best tasting smoothies on the planet!® – made with real fruit and whole food ingredients. This is a business you can be proud of, as it promotes health & wellness, good eating habits, and an alternative to fast-food. 

Imagine your child and their friends riding skateboards over to Planet Smoothie for a healthier snack, or hosting your kid’s birthday party within the four walls of our brightly colored shops. They will learn very early that you’re in a business that’s special. Specifically, it shows your hard work, creating opportunities in your community, and the rewards of a business owner means that you have more ability to give back. 

What they see and absorb could translate into their life outside the walls of your Planet Smoothie franchise, and because Planet Smoothie can offer exceptional work/life balance, you’ll get to spend quality time with them as they grow while they potentially learn the value of hard work and entrepreneurship.

“A community-oriented culture generates this expectation that people will be reliable and held accountable,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “By providing job opportunities and the chance to build valuable and marketable skills, our franchise owners are growing the next generation of business leaders right there where they live.”

Your Planet Smoothie franchise can be a chance to exemplify team dynamics

“Planet Smoothie is a very community and family-oriented organization. Being involved in this type of business is attractive to millennials, and the next generation, who have the aptitude to learn from their parents,” says Jonathan Goodyear, a current franchise owner at Planet Smoothie. “My generation bought smoothies because they tasted good. However, today more people are associating themselves with brands because of their mission and vision than ever before. 

Get started on your family business today

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