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Planet Smoothie Franchises Can Be Naturals For Entrepreneurial Families

Planet Smoothie, a best smoothie franchise, has strong appeal for families who want to create an asset that can be passed along

Many tight-knit families want to work together and owning a Planet Smoothie, a best smoothie franchise, can provide the perfect opportunity. That’s because, as a member of the Kahala Brands™ family they are joining a team that is dedicated to helping them start strong, grow rapidly and increase business over time.

“Planet Smoothie can be a great business for our family in many ways,” says father-daughter Planet Smoothie franchise owners Luis and Natalie Rivera. “If you are a people person and like to be involved in your community this is the perfect business to grow and pass on to younger generations. Working as a family has certainly led to our success!”

A family franchise can create opportunity for future generations

Franchising with Planet Smoothie can be an opportunity to stabilize the future welfare of your family and business. That’s because, for more than 20 years, Planet Smoothie has developed an established business model that is designed for long-term growth.

A key factor to that is strong initial and ongoing support, as well as R&D that focuses on current and future market trends. A Planet Smoothie franchise doesn’t stand still, thanks to new products appearing along with longtime consumer favorites.

Build a legacy business that’s also a community hub

Another reason Planet Smoothie franchises are a great consideration for generational investment? It’s a business that is loved in the community. Loyal customers are commonplace, and they quickly become like family themselves to the ownership team. That, coupled with dependable support from the corporate team, is a winning combination.

“The team at Planet Smoothie is there to help all the time, anytime,” says Sura Alani, who owns and operates a franchise in Orlando, Florida, with her siblings and parents. “It gives us an extra layer of support. Along with all our training, knowing there are supportive people to reach out to who will make themselves available right away made us more confident in the success of our business.”

Are you ready to secure your family’s future by owning a best smoothie franchise?

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