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On July 17th, 2022

How To Buy A Planet Smoothie Franchise

Own a colorful, relatively easy to operate Planet Smoothie franchise location Entrepreneurs around the country are thinking about opening a Planet Smoothie™ franchise in 2022. Given the growing economy and the enduring popularity of smoothies, it’s just the right kind of business to capitalize on this moment. Keep reading if you’re wondering how to buy ...

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On June 21st, 2022

Planet Smoothie Franchises Natural Fit For Shopping Centers

Planet Smoothie is a strongly desired anchor tenant for indoor and outdoor shopping centers Commercial property developers running shopping centers are always on the hunt for the right kind of tenant: one that is a well-respected, properly run business, and also a draw for customers, thus supporting the entire venue. A Planet Smoothie™ franchise is ...

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On June 12th, 2022

Planet Smoothie Can Be Affordable For First-Time Owners

An affordable entry cost, flexible footprint, and industry-leading training and support Owning a fun business — who wouldn’t want that? It’s why ...

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On May 20th, 2022

Planet Smoothie’s Colorful Brand a Great Addition to Any Community

Fun, colorful brand that’s a longtime consumer favorite destination Busy city centers. Suburban open-air shopping malls. Small-town Main Streets. That’s where Planet ...

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On May 10th, 2022

Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners Have A Say In Product Development

Collaboration around product development is a vital part of business Maybe something with beets? Or a pizza-flavored smoothie? It’s safe to say ...

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On April 19th, 2022

Planet Smoothie Pairs Well With Dining-Related Businesses

Colorful, busy smoothie franchise locations bring in customers for nearby dining-related businesses A Planet Smoothie™ franchise is a good neighbor for dining-related ...

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On April 9th, 2022

Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners Get Serious Marketing Support

Marketing support helps Planet Smoothie locations start strong Planet Smoothie® franchises stand out in their markets. They are bright and colorful, they ...

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On March 20th, 2022

Area Developers Create Growth For Planet Smoothie Franchisees

Experienced franchise owners provide ongoing, local support Opening a small business for the first time — or even the fourth or fifth ...

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On March 17th, 2022

Planet Smoothie Franchises Cash In On Durable Smoothie Market

Smoothies have been popular for decades, and show no signs of slowing down Food fads are nothing new, and neither are the ...

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On February 28th, 2022

Planet Smoothie Ideal Businesses For First-Time Owners

Know how to work a blender? Owning a small business is exciting, fulfilling, and challenging. First-time owners are eager to be out ...

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