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Online Sales Can Be a Strong New-Income Driver For Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners

Online ordering platforms can create strong a revenue stream and sizable gains for owners of a best smoothie franchise

When online food and beverage orders spiked during 2020, Planet Smoothie, a best smoothie franchise, franchise owners were ready.

Planet Smoothie, a bes smoothie franchise, photo of outdoor location

Planet Smoothie’s online ordering (OLO) channels quickly emerged as a major contributing factor to additional sales. They offered a way to reach the online-order consumer and also helped franchise owners establish an online presence that will far outlast competitors’ temporary, pandemic-driven measures.

Online sales can drive profitability and consumer connection

This is just the latest example of how Kahala Brands’™ ability to assess current and trending market decisions can benefit Planet Smoothie franchise owners. Combined with the quick, convenient and consumer-loved products themselves, it’s a formula for rapid growth and an additional revenue stream.

“Each new OLO platform we launch brings a host of new opportunities for our team to excel,” says Ben Blanchard, Planet Smoothie’s Regional Director of Operations Off-Premises. “The brand’s online programs have seen an increase in overall traffic and more importantly, provided a much-needed option to our customers that align with their expectations.”

Easy-to-operate brand continues national growth

The surging OLO market has contributed to Planet Smoothie’s large and growing national footprint. Now with locations across the country, Planet Smoothie offers a business model that can be affordable and easy to follow — just like the directions for making a smoothie!

And thanks to a flexible physical footprint, consumers can find Planet Smoothies in shopping centers, mall food courts, convenience stores, and even kiosks. And in the future, look for all of those sites to offer online ordering as well, further driving an additional revenue stream for franchise owners.

“We are in constant communication about additional services that could add sales opportunities and value to our brand, both on a nationwide basis and a regional basis,” Blanchard says. “Developing those out as we grow will only enhance our opportunities and make customers return, wanting more.”

Invest in your future by franchising with Planet Smoothie, a best smoothie franchise

Our simple, easy-to-operate business doesn’t require any prior experience. The smoothie market is strong and growing, and Planet Smoothie stands out with our quality products and affordable convenience. Capture a piece of the surging profit potential with a Planet Smoothie franchise.