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Planet Smoothie Explores New Avenues for Franchise Locations

Smoothie customers are everywhere, so finding new sites for stores means that Planet Smoothie can be more visible and successful in markets

Ever wanted to enjoy a smoothie while waiting for a plane to arrive or depart? Chances are you have, and that’s why a Planet Smoothie franchise location in an airport terminal would likely be a solid revenue generator.

“Planet Smoothie franchise locations are wildly successful in shopping centers, but we believe they can be just as profitable in other locations where people congregate,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “We are beginning an aggressive strategy to position the brand as one that can thrive in many types of nontraditional markets that are consumer-heavy locations.”

There are still prime locations available for your Planet Smoothie, and there's room to grow.

Planet Smoothie franchise locations may soon pop up in unexpected places, thanks to an aggressive expansion strategy.

Getting in front of new audiences

With that in mind, the Planet Smoothie franchise corporate team recently exhibited at the ARN Revenue Conference and Exhibition in Dallas. This gathering of airport concessionaires focuses on trends in the travel food-service industry, and it was a perfect audience to hear about Planet Smoothie, John says.

“There are a lot of well-known brands in airports around the country, and we believe that Planet Smoothie franchise operators would fit in nicely,” he adds. “What we wanted to do at this show was introduce them to the brand and generate some interest in our products and offerings. We talked to a lot of people and came away with the feeling that this is definitely an avenue that we should continue to pursue.”


Outside the box = new opportunities

As a part of the Kahala Brands family, Planet Smoothie franchise owners benefit from strong corporate support and interaction. They also benefit from efforts such as the trade show, which boost the brand’s national profile by finding highly visible spots for new locations.

“Our daily goal is to make sure that every Planet Smoothie franchise owner has the tools he or she needs to succeed,” John says. “We can leverage our size and scale to get in front of airport vendors, as well as fitness centers, private buildings and even government entities that have space in their facilities and would like to offer a well-known name such as Planet Smoothie to their customers or employees. We want to continue our shopping center growth, because it has been so successful for us, but we also want to take advantage of any opportunity to elevate the Planet Smoothie name and give our franchise owners the ability to expand into an exciting new space.”

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