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Planet Smoothie Franchises Cash In On Durable Smoothie Market

Smoothies have been popular for decades, and show no signs of slowing down

Food fads are nothing new, and neither are the businesses that pop up to cash in on them. That business model can look good on the front end, but not so much a few months later when consumers have moved on, and you’re looking at declining sales and an unsupported business.

That’s not an outlook a Planet Smoothie™ franchise owner sees. For decades, Planet Smoothie has been a growing business across the country, thanks to a laser focus on one thing: providing great-tasting smoothies. This family-friendly treat is a hit with kids and adults alike, as well as people looking for a meal replacement, something for after the gym or just any time during the day or evening.

A business that can thrive in any location

“Planet Smoothie can be an easy-to-run business that gives consumers what they want. It’s just that simple,” says Doug Merenda, Director of Franchise Development. “That can mean long-term revenue for the franchise owner, and it also means the brand can do well in a crowded downtown, a smaller neighborhood market space or a small-town Main Street.”

That ability to locate almost anywhere is huge, and something few food-related brands offer. It’s also a testament to how Planet Smoothie has grown as a nationally recognized brand over time, and how parent company Kahala Brands™ supports franchise owners for the long haul.

No such thing as an overcrowded smoothie market

But what about someone who wants to become a Planet Smoothie franchise owner, and is afraid there are already too many in their community? This problem doesn’t normally exist, Merenda says, especially in regions where an Area Developer is helping to build a network of connected stores that support each other and spur strong sales across the area.

smoothie market

“If you ask any of our Area Developers, they will tell you they opened second, or third stores, not too far from their original location because of customer demand,” Merenda says. “Locals who are driving across town for a Planet Smoothie fix want one close buy — and when that happens, they reward it with their business. That means the owner now has two bustling stores.”

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, natural ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories. This is a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek out healthier options. Planet Smoothie is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands™  family.

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