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What is the Best Smoothie Brand to Invest In?

The best smoothie brand, Planet Smoothie franchises, is poised for continued growth as Americans place more and more emphasis on well-being

Americans are waking up to the link between diet and overall well-being in large numbers – and owners of smoothie franchises can stand to benefit from the growing appetite for healthy foods. 

For most communities throughout the nation, healthy food options can’t come soon enough: According to The New York Times, one in two adults will be obese by 2030. Unsurprisingly, at the exact same time, the health & wellness industry is booming. As the negative impacts of a diet high in sugar and processed food, often the key ingredients in fast-food, become more well known, millions of Americans are hungry for an alternative.

This is why smoothies are so popular. As a fast, affordable and healthier alternative to fast-food, millions of Americans are turning to smoothies as a way to fuel a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, cut down on consuming meat for health and environmental reasons, and feel better about their daily choices. According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the global smoothie industry is expected to reach $17 billion by 2024, and North America is leading the charge.

While there are several brands in the smoothie segment, not all of them are equal. For the past 20 years, Planet Smoothie has excelled in delivering in the best-tasting smoothie on the planet!® We use the real fruit and zero junk. As a result, Planet Smoothie has grown to more than 150 locations throughout the country, and our straightforward business model, exceptional franchise support and growing brand recognition are allowing entrepreneurs to own a business that makes a difference in their communities every day.Planet Smoothie Franchise in a mall

“We get people from the gym, people after surgeries, people who just come in here and say, ‘Hey, I want to lose weight. What should I order? Show me what to do,’ ” says Ryan DeWitt, owner of a Planet Smoothie franchise Kilmore, Florida. “You’re almost sometimes like a personal nutritionist. Planet Smoothie’s mission is to make every guest’s day better, so if a customer comes in and wants to do better, and you’re able to help them, it just makes you feel like you’ve done something for that guest.”

Planet Smoothie Franchise can be a Great Choice for First-Time Entrepreneurs

If you’re passionate about health & wellness and sharing that passion with your community, Planet Smoothie is a perfect opportunity for you. We can teach you the rest. 

As part of Kahala Brands™, one of the largest franchise brands in the world, Planet Smoothie franchise owners benefit from robust franchise support. We provide comprehensive marketing support, as well as in-store training for you and your managers, and ongoing coaching to ensure that your business has all the resources it needs to thrive.

Because we focus solely on smoothies, the business model is easy to understand by design. We provide you with the recipes that our customers crave and our tremendous buying power helps you secure the best possible ingredients at the lowest possible price-point. As one of the most innovative brands in the smoothie industry, we also provide ongoing R&D into new flavors and trends that result in products that keep your customers excited to come back. 

For our franchise owners, this means that they get to spend their time in a business that they’re truly passionate about – and one that has the potential to grow over the long-term.

“My wife and I are doing well in our careers, but there wasn’t that sense of freedom, that sense of ownership,” says Braxton Skinner, co-owner of a Planet Smoothie franchise in Orlando, Florida. “We wanted to have that, and we looked at franchising because we wanted the mentorship and the support. Owning a Planet Smoothie is by far one of the most fun things we’ve done. It adds value to our lives. Our initial goal was to own one store and be successful with it, but after the training and seeing how it is going, I believe that we can grow and that is very exciting for us.”

Learn more about Planet Smoothie, the best smoothie brand to invest in!

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