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Almond Milk Rollout Highlights Planet Smoothie’s Franchise Support

Alternative ingredients and an evolving menu board are just part of why Planet Smoothie franchises stand out in their local markets

Planet Smoothie's Franchise SupportGiving loyal customers new and delicious smoothies alongside their longtime favorites is a cornerstone of why Planet Smoothie franchise owners are successful. That’s why the research and development team is always monitoring trends, such as the use of non-dairy alternatives like almond milk, available at Planet Smoothie franchise locations across the United States beginning in September 2016.

“We have great products, but this is an industry that demands change,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “That’s why we are always speaking to Planet Smoothie franchise owners about what they are hearing from clients. They get a lot of customer suggestions, and non-dairy milk alternatives have been a major request.”

Collaboration means staying ahead of trends

Almond milk is hugely popular; sales of almond milk have grown 250% since 2010, according to the Nielsen Company.

Adding almond milk to the menu means that Planet Smoothie franchise owners have another option to satisfy customers who are vegan or have issues with lactose. Other customers may simply be curious or want to add healthy ingredients into their diets. Either way, it’s a win for owners, who will be able to bring in new business.

“When we are researching new smoothies, or new products as add-ins, taste is a major factor,” explains John. “Nobody’s going to buy it if it doesn’t taste good. But we also look at how the new ingredient can help same-store sales for every franchise. We want to bring our franchise owner partners something that’s trending, because the clients want it, but also something that will be profitable for them.”

New ingredients, add-ins keep brand fresh

The result of those carefully thought out, new flavor combinations and add-ins is a menu board that has the best of old and new.

“Every Planet Smoothie franchise owner will tell you that they have customers who will always order the same product, no matter what,” John says. “They like consistency, and they trust Planet Smoothie to meet their need. At the same time, there are customers who have a favorite but also are eager to try something new. Now they’re going to come in and see that almond milk is available — and they’re going to try it. They may find a new favorite product, and they’ll come in more often because their choices have widened.”

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, natural ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek out healthier options. Planet Smoothie is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands family.

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