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Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners Are Bosses & Business Mentors

Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners Are Bosses & Business Mentors

Nurturing the next generation of small-business owners and entrepreneurs drives many operators and provides real team experience vs. just a job

Jason Mann smiles as he makes smoothies in his bright pink Planet Smoothie FranchiseBeing their own boss is the main reason most entrepreneurs go into business for themselves, but right behind that is the ability to help foster that same, independent spirit in others. That’s definitely the case with Planet Smoothie® franchise owners, who say mentoring is one of their favorite things about the job.

“Working at a Planet Smoothie franchise is fun, and so our franchise owners get a lot of talented, enthusiastic people as employees,” says John Wuycheck, Vice President of Franchise Development. “It’s only natural that, once they are on board, they would take an interest in how the business operates. Franchise owners love that curiosity, and they spend a lot of time showing those people the ropes.”

Mentoring provides outlet for teaching skills

For Tyrone Forbes, a Planet Smoothie franchise owner in Eustis, Florida, the ability to model good business practices for younger employees is a major reason he went into business in the first place.

“I believe that I have a responsibility to serve as a mentor for the next generation — or really for anyone who wants to learn how to operate a growing business,” Tyrone says. “It’s easy to say you want to own a business, but there’s a lot to learn before ever doing so, and if you don’t have those mentors, it can be hard.  If I can show someone just the basics, like inventory planning or cost projections, that can help them begin to understand all that is involved.”