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Meet Zahid Hussain, Louisiana’s First Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners

Even though there are plenty of competitors, New Orleans is ripe for the high-quality products offered by Planet Smoothie, say these entrepreneurs

The first thing Zahid Hussain will tell you about the New Orleans Planet Smoothie franchise that he’s opening with his wife, Sadaf Ambreen, is that he’s not afraid of competition.

“New Orleans is the home of Smoothie King, and they are everywhere,” Zahid says. “But there are lots of customers here, and I think they are ready for something different. The competition’s smoothies are too sweet, and when I began making my own smoothies as part of an effort to control my own diet, I looked around for a franchise that made the types of smoothies I wanted. I didn’t find it, so I am opening my own.”

Franchise is family enterprise

Sadaf and Zahid Hussain have two children, ages 3 and 9, so they are eager to have a business that the whole family can be involved in, but also has deep roots of support. A Planet Smoothie franchise fits that bill.

“We saw how Planet Smoothie is growing all over, and all the energy that Kahala Brands is putting into the brand,” Zahid says. “That has helped us feel better about the challenge of being the first Planet Smoothie franchise in New Orleans. We know it’s not going to just be us out here on our own.”

Already a successful business owner in the wireless communications market, Zahid says he’s energized by the challenges a new business brings.

“I know how to succeed in business, and if this store does well, I definitely will want to add more,” he says. “This market is enormous, and there’s great potential here. If I succeed, other people will want to come in, as well, and that will be good for all of us if we can build a network.”

Great location will fuel interest

Showing just how good an eye he has for success, Zahid has already targeted a location that will put his Planet Smoothie franchise right up against a major fitness chain, Planet Fitness, in a newly developed site.

“It’s a wonderful atmosphere in a new building, and there would be both indoor and outdoor seating,” Zahid says. “It would be an ideal spot for us because we would get people coming to and from the gym, but also foot and driving traffic since it’s a very visible location.”

New Orleans, LA / Zahid Hussain

New Orleans, LA (via Flickr – Misha Krassovski)

All told, things are looking good for Louisiana’s very first Planet Smoothie franchise, and the future is bright.

“I think we can grow downtown or many other good spots all across New Orleans,” Zahid says. “We have a great product at reasonable prices, so we fit every budget. There are lots of options, so we can accommodate a variety of tastes and diets. Being the first one in the state is a challenge, but it’s a good challenge. I like being in at the very beginning, and I’m eager to take this chance. I’m getting help every step along the way, and that feels really good.”

Planet Smoothie is an established brand that stands out in the competitive smoothie market by focusing on nutrition as well as taste. That means reducing sugar and calories, increasing vitamins and antioxidants — and keeping great taste. Planet Smoothie’s customer-focused approach to providing delicious and nutritious smoothies has given the brand a serious competitive advantage with diet-conscious consumers. As part of the Kahala Brands family, Planet Smoothie franchise owners enjoy deep and comprehensive support from an experienced and dedicated team.

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