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Planet Smoothie Area Developers Help With Marketing & Exposure

Starting a new business involves a steep learning curve, even for experienced franchise owners. Planet Smoothie’s Area Developers help ease the process.

There’s nothing Jason Mann likes better than working with new Planet Smoothie franchise owners. The owners like it, too, because they get the benefit of someone who’s been around Planet Smoothie for upwards of two decades. Jason can offer advice on everything about the franchise.

As an Area Developer, Jason wears two hats: He operates three stores of his own, and he oversees more than 30 Planet Smoothie franchise operators in the Central Florida area around Orlando. He’s been a franchise owner since 1999, so he has seen the market grow and evolve — experience he brings to all the area’s franchise owners to help them compete in a busy and growing market.

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A broad marketing campaign is one way a single franchise can benefit from being part of an overall area under one developer.

On-boarding new owners streamlined

Planet Smoothie originally created the Area Developer concept to leverage its advertising strength where there is a large concentration of locations, but these men and women do much more, says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development.

“The Area Developers have proven that they are solid operators of a Planet Smoothie franchise and have grown to own multiple locations,” John says. “By creating an area for them to oversee, we allow them to grow in a new way — by setting up new franchise owners and then working with them as a team to maximize market share.”

The benefits to the Area Developer are many, but a major one is that he or she acts as a go-between for other Planet Smoothie franchise owners and the corporate team. That means an awareness of new products that are being tested on the one side, and the marketing that will accompany them, as well as who in the area is performing well and who needs shoring up, which helps everyone succeed.


Maximizing marketing and community outreach

“The Area Developer is the linchpin for us in the communities where we have many franchises,” John says. “We rely on them to tell us any pain points they are having, and we are able to share information with dozens of franchisees in a particular market quickly through these individuals. That is particularly important in the area of marketing.”

Because Jason’s Central Florida territory has an advertising co-op in place, they can saturate the market. From fliers to coupons to digital exposure, their combined buying power gets much more done than a single store would be able to do, especially early in its life. That’s in addition to other marketing support that new Planet Smoothie franchise owners receive.

“Jason’s team is very smart and targeted with marketing, and that benefits every single store,” John says. “They also go to major events, like community concerts or charity 5K races, and give out samples. One store would have trouble getting to all of those, but when you’ve got more than 30 acting as a team, everyone can take a turn — and everyone’s location is on the collateral materials given out, so it’s a win for all of them.”

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