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Drive-Thrus Fuel Growth for Planet Smoothie Franchise Owners

Owners of the iconic Planet Smoothie franchise can benefit from drive-thrus

In today’s climate, drive-thrus are extremely popular. It not only provides a crucial source of an added revenue stream for businesses, but also the perfect vehicle for social distancing with health, safety and well-being on top of Americans’ minds. 

As a result, Planet Smoothie franchise owners benefit from drive-thrus. In fact, with increased visibility due to the roll out of more drive-thru windows in 2019, Planet Smoothie franchise owners are seeing an increase in drive-thru sales.

“In these trying times, there is a huge demand for delicious smoothie choices that are low in both sugar and calories as a convenient, healthier alternative to fast, processed food,” says Stacey Wopnford, VP of Operations of Planet Smoothie. “This is exactly where Planet Smoothie excels. Additionally, our locations are perfectly designed for social distancing, as more of our locations have drive-thru windows, and smoothies travel well via mobile and third-party delivery.”

Since our founding more than 20 years ago, our iconic smoothie franchise has carved out our own lane in the ever-growing juice and smoothie bar industry. In 1995, smoothies were only a trend. Today, however, as more Americans become health-conscious, smoothies are not only seen as a healthier alternative to processed food, but also as meal replacements, post-workout nutrition, after school snacks and more. 

Planet Smoothie Franchise smoothies / Planet Smoothie Drive-Thrus

What Makes Planet Smoothie the Smoothie Franchise to Invest In?

In this new normal, consumers find comfort with brands that commut to safety and well-being. Planet Smoothie has a business model to meet this need. For more than two decades, our iconic smoothie franchise has grown to more than 140 locations by consistently providing delicious smoothies. 

With a menu built around real fruit and other healthier ingredients, customers can even build their own smoothie — and have hundreds of potential flavor and nutritional combinations to choose from. Additionally, our guests can order via our app or online and have their delicious smoothie waiting for them when they get to the store.

As a franchise opportunity, Planet Smoothie is committed to helping our franchisees grow their business. This is why we offer a low cost of entry as well as world-class training and support. Moreover, having the powerhouse support of Kahala Brands™, one of the largest franchise companies in the world, is advantageous in good times and bad. Planet Smoothie franchise owners benefit from ongoing coaching and exceptional training that help them master the operations of a Planet Smoothie franchisee. 

“Smoothies are our number one priority, we don’t do anything else,” Wopnford says. “That’s why it can be so easy for our franchise owners to operate and scale our business model.”

As more and more Americans leave their homes seeking comfort and convenience in these uncertain times, entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by investing in our iconic smoothie franchise. If you are looking to open a business that can flourish no matter the economic climate, but also meets a tremendous need for fast, healthy and affordable smoothies, Planet Smoothie is the way to go. 

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