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Planet Smoothie Franchise is Expanding In New & Existing Markets

The continued popularity of smoothies makes it a mainstream option
for consumers from a variety of age groups and locations

Planet Smoothie franchise, a scalable food business opportunity with a low-cost entry point, is expanding into new markets as varied as Birmingham, Alabama, and Beverly Hills, California. American consumers love their smoothies. What was once considered more of a “health food” option now is a mainstream part of American diets, whether enjoyed as a meal replacement at breakfast or lunch or an after-school or after workout snack.

Smoothie franchise location


“Planet Smoothie has been expanding into both new and existing markets as entrepreneurs take a look at what the brand offers,” John says. “This is a business that’s easy to set up, fun to run and has a strong positive image with consumers. Planet Smoothie is eager to work with people who are looking to start their own business, and who understand the appeal and longevity that the smoothie industry continues to have.”

Additionally, Planet Smoothie’s flexible footprint means the brand can adapt to an owner’s needs. From freestanding locations to convenience stores, train stations and busy retail centers, Planet Smoothie continues its growth as a highly visible brand in markets across the United States.

Consumer demand for smoothies continues to stay strong

Planet Smoothie franchise owners benefit from offering a product that consumers continue to demand in strong numbers. Smoothies now account for $5 billion in sales a year, according to Technomic. Smoothie customers come in for a break while running errands, for an after-school snack, for a meal replacement after the gym… or just because they are craving a smoothie. That means unlike restaurants that have to plan for ebbs and flows in customer traffic, a Planet Smoothie sees traffic all day long.

“One of the most difficult aspects of operating a small business is predicting staffing needs,” John explains. “An owner doesn’t want to be caught short-handed during a rush, or have people sitting around idle if things are slow. A Planet Smoothie franchise owner can have a steady flow of customers, so scheduling is easy. That’s a huge differentiator just in terms of controlling employee costs.”

Diverse customers mean steady traffic

Smoothies are a diverse product that appeals to a diverse customer base — to kids and adults alike, not to mention it’s a flexible product that is as easy to enjoy on site as it is to go.  A Planet Smoothie franchise gets steady business all day long. That, combined with America’s focus on healthier lifestyles, equals a popular brand that will continue to grow in the markets it serves, as well as enter new communities.

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, natural ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our brand’s smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek out healthier options. Planet Smoothie is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands™ family.

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