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Health-Conscious Millennials Love Healthy Brands Like Planet Smoothie

Healthy Brands’ Broad appeal to health-conscious consumers and all-day demand help drive sales and generate consistent revenue for franchisees

Healthy Brands

Millennials, the largest demographic in the U.S. consumer market, are also the most health-conscious, according to Pew Research. This bodes well for healthy brands, like the Planet Smoothie® franchise. Our brand’s franchisees are poised to capture the millennial market, and more thanks to the well-known name and the products that consumers — ranging from college students to retirees — love.

“Planet Smoothie is a nationally recognized name in a very popular sector,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for Kahala Brands™. “Smoothies are enjoyed by adults and children alike, at varying times of day and for varying reasons. That creates a stream of all-day traffic, and that is good news to franchise owners.”

Smoothies offer healthy options consumers demand

Consumers see smoothies as everything from a post-workout snack to a meal replacement or even dessert. That broad reach has propelled sales to $5 billion a year, according to Fastcasual.com, and it means there is ample opportunity to capture many types of consumers — particularly millennials, who are abandoning eating habits and trends set by older generations.

Today’s society has never been more on-the-go, but that doesn’t stop consumers from researching the foods they buy and make. Planet Smoothie products are a portable, quick and easy choice for consumers who shun the high-calorie, nutritionally empty options at many fast food restaurants. Planet Smoothie has secured a place as a mainstay among the limited healthy options for today’s consumers.

Next wave of growth has even more potential

And even more growth potential is on the way, because millennial consumers love customization. Planet Smoothie continually introduces new ingredients, combinations and add-ins.

The smoothie business space is competitive, and Planet Smoothie sets itself apart with our brand’s commitment to high-quality products and to constantly enhancing the menu.

“We have an R&D team that works year-round on new smoothie recipes, many of which are suggested by Planet Smoothie franchise owners and their customers,” Wuycheck says. “Planet Smoothie knows its menu can’t be static, so we are very aggressive about evaluating the existing smoothies, as well as bringing great new ones to customers.”

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie franchise that sets itself apart by offering great-tasting smoothies that use healthier, better-for-you ingredients. In a side-by-side comparison, our smoothies generally have less sugar and fewer calories — a big competitive advantage as Americans actively seek out healthier options. Planet Smoothie is led by a veteran franchise team and dedicated brand support team as part of the Kahala Brands family.

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